Access to the Legal Profession Exam and everything you need to know

The first call for the State Exam for Access to the Legal Profession of 2021 has already been published in the Official State Gazette (BOE). And, at the European University, we have compiled all the information that you are interested in knowing if you are an aspiring lawyer and you are thinking of introducing yourself.



The purpose of this exam is to measure your theoretical and practical knowledge about the practice of the legal profession and about professional and ethical standards .


In order to take the Access to the Legal Profession Exam, you must meet these 4 conditions:

  • Be of legal age .
  • Have a LAW DEGREE OR GRADUATE DEGREE , or an equivalent university degree. If you obtained your degree outside of Spain, you will need to carry out the procedures for homologation and validation of the corresponding foreign Higher Education degrees and studies.
  • Have passed the training course necessary for the exercise of the profession of lawyer and a period of supervised external practices . All this accredited by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Universities, in addition to being registered in the Administrative Registry of the Ministry of Justice. At the European University we have the MASTER’S DEGREE IN LAW , with which you will acquire the knowledge to practice as a professional lawyer based on the theoretical training given and, also, the necessary skills thanks to internships in companies and law firms.
  • Not to be disqualified for the exercise of the profession of Law .


There is no date yet for the 2021 Bar Examination . When the time comes, and with due notice, it will be published in the BOE and on the websites of the Ministry of Justice (section Public Employment and access to professions – Access to the profession of Lawyers ) and the General Council of Spanish Lawyers.

That is when you will have 15 business days to submit your registration request electronically through the electronic headquarters of the Ministry of Justice and using the Cl @ ve electronic identification system.

When you register, you must fill out a form in which you will be asked for the following information:

  • The email account with which you will do the test and to which you will receive all notifications and communications.
  • The legal specialty of which you will examine yourself. To choose between these 4 specific matters: civil and commercial, criminal, administrative and contentious-administrative, and labor.
  • The commitment that, while the exam lasts, you will not have support materials or resources or consult anyone.
  • The language in which you will want to take the exam: in Spanish or in a regional co-official language.
  • The issuance of the professional title of Lawyer .

Participation in the Bar Access Exam is completely free , so you will not have to pay any type of fee.


It is a multiple choice written test (each question has 4 alternative answers and only one is correct) in which your theoretical and practical knowledge in the area of ??Law will be evaluated.

This year it will be held online and synchronously through the AVEX platform of the National Distance Education University (UNED), to which you will have access to a trial version days before to familiarize yourself with it.

The exam consists of 2 parts:

1. Matters common to the exercise of the legal profession 

  • 50 questions + 6 reserve questions (from 51 to 56).
  • Assessment of the test: one point for each correct answer and -0.33 points for each incorrect. Unanswered questions will neither be added nor subtracted. 2/3 of the final exam grade.
  • Time: 2 hours.

2. Specific subject 

  • 25 questions + 2 reserve questions (numbers 26 and 27).
  • Assessment of the test: one point for each correct answer and -0.33 points for each incorrect. Unanswered questions will not be considered. 1/3 of the final exam grade.
  • Time: 1 hour.


The final grade will be pass or fail.  

To obtain the pass, you will have to get a minimum grade of 5 points (out of 10). This will be calculated by means of the weighted average between the mark of the Entrance Exam (70%) and that of the Master’s or training course (30%). 

In the case of failure, you will have the possibility of submitting a request for review within 3 business days from the date of publication of the final grades, which you will be able to consult through the electronic headquarters of the Ministry of Justice. To do this, you must send an email with the subject


The Master in Law at the European University prepares you to acquire the skills of a professional lawyer and, in addition, to successfully pass the Entrance Exam. More than 90% of our students did so in the December 2020 call.

After completing the Postgraduate and passing the State Exam, you must register to practice Law in Spain, both in the Public Administration and in private companies.

If you study with us, you will find a syllabus prepared by legal experts , you will have access to the legal database of the Tirant Lo Blanch publishing house and you will know first-hand the legal profession thanks to a teaching team made up of active lawyers and Doctors in Law.

In addition, we offer you the Lefebvre Legal Quiz online simulator . It is a tool that contains more than 3,500 questions of all the specialties based on the exam and with which you will be able to do all the simulations you need to obtain the best results in the Advocacy Test.