Advantages of studying online in all the time

With the COVID crisis, many people have stopped considering online training an exclusive study modality for those who need to reconcile their training with their personal and work life.

The point is that, either due to the possibility that some educational centers will close due to an upturn in infections or due to the uncertainty of whether we will go through confinement again, e-learning training is booming. It has gone from being an alternative to being the main option when deciding how to study this 2020-2021 academic year. 

The fact that this year students have preferred to pursue their university studies at a distance has meant that, like the rest of the sectors (economic, labor …), the educational sector, specifically that of Higher Education , has had to adapt its programs and facilities to the digitization process that today’s society is experiencing.

Next, we discuss the main advantages of studying online .


In October 2020, Google Spain and the Department published the report Impact of digitization in the private higher education market in Spain . This was prepared from a survey on the transformation process of the education sector, carried out between June and July, in which more than 2,000 students from Spain and Latin America, aged 18-50 years, from 5 private universities participated.

In it, 92% of those surveyed affirmed that, despite the fact that their face-to-face classes were suspended during the state of alarm, they continued in online format. However, 8% did not suffer the same fate: their study centers interrupted them and did not resume them until it was possible.

Source: report Impact of digitization in the private higher education market in Spain

Regarding this change from the face-to-face mode to a virtual one, the students pointed out the following advantages of studying online:

  • At the 67% thought it was a positive experience that the classes are recorded and could be delayed by accessing a virtual classroom or campus. In this way, they could see them at another time and as many times as they wanted.
  • The 59% said the time usually employed to move to college so devoted to classes .
  • The 33% felt that this type of study has helped improve their autonomy when performing their duties.
  • The 29% felt that their university had been able to adapt quickly to e-learning format , which made the opinion they had about their center would improve studies.
  • For 21%, going online helped them to have greater control over their learning and, therefore, to be more efficient and productive.
Source: report Impact of digitization in the private higher education market in Spain

In short, and like face-to-face training, studying online has its advantages. Even so, the truth is that this type of study has more and more followers and betting on it is among the great challenges of Spanish private universities.