Arlet Name Meaning | Origin of the Name Arlet

Pregnancy is an exciting and joyful stage. One of the most important things in this period is to find the name of the future baby. If you know that you will have a girl and you want to give her a melodic name, very sweet and with a religious Arlet name meaning is one of the best options, since etymologically it translates as “the lion or the altar of God”.

So that you know all the details of this beautiful name, in this article, you will find the meaning of the Arlet name meaning, along with its origin, Saints, personality and even its popularity in Spain. Arlet is a girl’s name .

What does Arlet name meaning?

Arlet is a name with a great religious reference. Its meaning is “ the altar or the lion of God ”. Its appearance is due to the name it has in the Bible, because there they refer to the city of Jerusalem as Arlet. Due to its great connotation, Arlet is a very appreciated name among the believing and monotheistic community. Meaning of name Christian The name Cristian evokes the purest.

In addition, in the Middle Ages it was a vocative widely used to refer to the spirits that lived in the air. Girls named Arlet were said to be protected by them.

Origin of the name Arlet

The origin of the name Arlet is Hebrew . Etymologically, it translates as “the altar of God”, but also as “the lion of God”.

In the Bible, Arlet appears as a name given to the ancient city of Jerusalem and as the name given to the only son of Gad, one of the leaders of the 12 tribes of Israel. For all this, Arlet undoubtedly has a strong religious meaning and inspires a lot of beauty for the woman who wears it.

Diminutives and variations of the name Arlet

Arlet’s name has the following diminutives:

  • Arlette
  • Arle
  • arletta
  • arli
  • Arleth
  • arly

The name Arlet in other languages

Being a short name, it has very few translations into other languages. Some of them are the following:

  • Spanish : Arlette
  • French : Arlet
  • Italian : Ariette
  • Portuguese : Arlette

Personality of the name Arlet

Arlet has a sweet and determined personality . She is a woman who radiates sympathy wherever she wants to go. Intelligence is one of her main qualities. For this reason, she always tries to solve all the difficulties that may arise in an analytical and accurate way.

Among his many qualities, it stands out that he has an innate ability to socialize and relate to other people. This makes it very easy for him to have stable jobs and friendships. In fact, she shines because of her spontaneity. It is likely that within her friendships there are important personalities that will make her succeed in her projects, because she always tries to have good contacts among her closest circle.

As for her family relationships, Arlet tends to be very homely . She really enjoys family time. Within her plans is to establish a home full of harmony and love, she also likes many children, so she dedicates much of her time to the education of the little ones in her house.

On the other hand, she likes to admire everything related to art. It is likely that she will opt for a career related to crafts, creativity or artistic creations. In love, she is devoted and respectful . She will always do what is most convenient to keep her relationship stable, since sincere love will be one of her priorities.

Celebrities with the name Arlet

The best known celebrities bearing the name of Arlet are:

  • Arlette Pacheco : Mexican film and television actress.
  • Arlette Geneve : This is a Spanish writer, whose real name is María Martínez Franco, however, for her career she identifies as Arlette.
  • Arlett Fernández – Beautiful Mexican cheerleader and actress.
  • Arlett Laguiller – famous French politician.

Day of the Saint of Arlet

The name day of Arlet is celebrated every January 28 .

Numerology Of The Name Arlet

Arlet name meaning number is 2 . For numerology, the 2 represents transparency, empathy, sensitivity and trust. People under this number are usually good friends, outstanding artists and excellent partners. In addition, they really like to cooperate with other people and become great leaders.

Popularity of the first name Arlet

Arlet name meaning is whose boom in Spain is relatively new. Although it was widely used in the Middle Ages, the most recent statistical data from the INE indicate that there are currently only 3,704 women with that name.

The average age of the women who bear the name Arlet is 5-6 years old, which makes it clear that her popularity is growing recently. If you look at the attached map, you will notice that the communities in which the name Arlet is most popular are the following:

  • lleida
  • Girona
  • Barcelona
  • Tarragona

As you can see, Arlet is a name that is related to beauty, sweetness, harmony and serenity. It is said that whoever wears it will be a woman who will shine on her own merit in everything she sets out to do.