BMW E39 520d Read to know more about this car

Bavarian carmaker BMW introduced the first generation of the 5 Series back in 1972, when it officially entered the middle-class car market. To date, a total of six generations of the 5 Series have come out of BMW’s factory, producing over five million copies. In this issue of Halo car ads, we will present the fourth generation of the BMW 5 Series, the E39 model with a 2,000 cc diesel common rail engine.

Restyling increased demand

Production of the BMW E39 began in 1995 and lasted until 2003. The restyling of this model took place in 2000, when, according to many drivers, it became much more modern. Then he got deeper and more massive bumpers, sites and many other details that made him extremely attractive, but also safe, so it all reflected on his increased demand and purchase. If you decide to buy the E39 know that it can be found in station wagon and sedan versions. Learn more about Wolksvagen.

The first diesel model of the 5 Series with four cylinders

The model we present to you has an engine of 2,000 cubic meters with four cylinders, which was the first time in the history of BMW. As such, it proved to be more than excellent, both for its durability and quiet operation, but also for what is most important to drivers – its economy. Namely, the E39 diesel generator is one of the most economical common rail diesel engines in this class of car, with fuel consumption, according to catalog values, of 7.8 liters in the city. However, in practice, it turned out that it is slightly higher, so it often exceeds 8 liters, although it will all depend on the condition of the engine, as well as the mileage he drove. It behaves very well when driving, especially when it comes to overtaking, and despite the maximum speed of over 200 km / h, there is no noise or engine operation inside the vehicle.

German simplicity of interior

In addition to the great diesel engine, what customers like the most is the interior, in which German simplicity, precision, but also tradition can be noticed, all in favor of functionality. Although at first glance the appearance of the control panel, as well as the layout of the controls is very simple, it does not diminish their beauty or disrupt the harmony of the entire interior. When driving this powerful diesel, everything is clear, but also at your fingertips. In terms of comfort, it is satisfactory when it comes to the front, while in the rear of the car there is a lack of space, especially if more or larger people are sitting.

This model can be purchased with an equipment package that includes airbags for both driver and front passenger, but also side airbags, ABS, ESP, CD, automatic air conditioning, el. adjustable mirrors, el. windows, central locking …

In our market, the BMW E39 520d from 2000 can be bought for around 5,000 euros, but the price will be greatly affected by the condition of the vehicle, as well as mileage.

Technical characteristics
Engine: 1.9 l, 1,951 ccm
Power: 100 kW, 136 HP
Max power: 100 kW@4.000rpm
Max torque: 280Nm / 1.750rpm
Number of cylinders: 4
Top speed: 206 km / h
Acceleration 0 – 100 km / h : 10.6 seconds
Consumption in city: 7.8 l / 100 km
Out-of-town consumption: 4.7 l / 100km
Average consumption: 5.9 l / 100km

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