Camino de Santiago from La Isla to Sebrayo in Asturias

The so-called Camino de la Costa Asturiano , which is part of the Camino de Santiago, allows you to get to know part of the natural environment of this area through very simple stages and suitable for doing with older children.

Stage number 4 is the one that runs between La Isla and Sebrayo . It has an approximate length of 15 km and passes through the Concello de Colunga and Villaviciosa . It is a section with hardly any unevenness, which moves away from the coast, whose maximum difficulty is the distance.

All these councils are connected by a fairly powerful network of buses , so you can walk the outward journey and return by bus to the starting point.

The route runs along all kinds of trails, from rural roads, sections of local roads (where you have to be extremely careful with the little ones), to forest tracks and even paved roads.

The layout of the route can be seen on the official Asturias Tourism website. The most interesting points of this path, and that we should not miss, are:

  • The pre-Romanesque church of Santiago in Gobiendes. Declared a Historic-Artistic Monument in 1931.
  • In Colunga, the Palacio de los Alonso Covián from the 16th century or the chapel of San Cristóbal from the 12th century.
  • The village of Pernús, which is located across the Libardón River and where the 13th-century church of San Pedro is located.
  • In the village of Priesca you can see the pre-Romanesque church of San Salvador dating from 921. It has been declared a National Monument.
  • And already in Sebrayo you can see the Romanesque temple of Santa María de Sebrayo, which has been declared a Historic-Artistic Monument.

It is a long route because it is advisable to bring plenty of water, although in the villages and towns you can refill the bottle, and food to take one or more breaks during the stage.