Camino de Santiago from Lezama to Bilbao

The route that runs between Lezama and Bilbao belongs to the Camino del Norte , one of the oldest accesses to the Camino de Santiago and frequented by pilgrims.

Camino de Santiago from Lezama to Bilbao

This path, which belongs to stage number 7 of the Camino del Norte , runs through the north of the Peninsula from east to west, bordering the Cantabrian coast and passing through large cities such as San Sebastián, Bilbao, Santander or Gijón. The stage that goes from Lezama to Bilbao is one of the shortest on this Camino del Norte, and with hardly any difficulty, which makes it a perfect path to do as a family.

The path is approximately 11 km long and only has a drop of about 300 meters at the beginning of it. One of the options that can be done, if you go with children of all ages, is that with the older ones you do the complete route (starting from Lezama to get to Bilbao) and, with the younger ones, just do the last section that is the one that runs through the old town of Bilbao.

The route starts at the town of Lezama and its station. It passes through the Torrelarragoiti industrial estate and reaches Zamudio to take a path that begins the ascent to the mountain. Zamudio is where the Technology Park is located and where a tower, that of the Marquises of Malpica, leads one to dream of times of knights and princesses.

This section is the most complicated of the route, but the views, as you go up the mountain, are more and more beautiful. Cross the BI-3732 to continue along the path that leads to the top of Mount Avril. From up there you can already see Bilbao and begin the descent that will take you to the basilica of the Virgen de Begoña, patron saint of Bizkaia. Finally, the numerous steps of the Mallona roads give rise to the seven streets, the genesis of this city that received its charter in the year 1300.

The last section through Bilbao runs to Parque Echevarría. Once there, turn left to continue along Plaza de Miguel de Unamuno and continue along Calle Tendería until you reach the final point of the route, which is the Cathedral of Santiago.

Cultural activities in Bilbao

The Basilica of Begoña is a temple with three naves covered with ribbed vaults. During the century that the construction process lasted, different styles were combined. Although the Gothic style is the one that predominates in the building, the triumphal arch found on the front of the basilica corresponds to the mannerist style and the choir reveals the characteristics of the classicist era.

Football lovers cannot miss the Ibaigane Palace , famous for being the home of Club Atlético de Bilbao. With a structure typical of Rationalism, the architectural movement of the 20th century, it houses a large trophy room and various elements of the time.

The Cathedral of Santiago is one of the oldest places in the Old Town of Bilbao. Gothic in style, although its tower and façade are neo-Gothic in style, it has been in operation since the 16th century and is a pilgrimage monument.