Camino de Santiago from Lugo

The Camino de Santiago from Lugo, along the Camino Primitivo, is a recommended route for families with children over ten years of age.

We can make the last stage of the journey of this route, considered the first of the Jacobean pilgrimage, which connects Oviedo with Santiago. From Lugo we can travel 102 kilometers from the Puerta de San Pedro , which exceeds the minimum of one hundred on foot or on horseback, which are necessary to obtain the Compostela.

In Lugo we find three monuments that are World Heritage Sites and of great interest to pilgrims; the Wall, the Cathedral and the Primitive Way itself.

The estimated time to complete this stage of the Camino from Lugo to Santiago is at least seven or eight days . It is important to plan according to the rhythm of our children, so that they enjoy the route and it does not become too heavy for them.

Pilgrim credentials for the Camino de Santiago from Lugo

The first thing we must do is process the credentials , which is an essential requirement to sleep in hostels and to obtain the Compostela. This document is a kind of passport that is stamped at different stages of the journey.

If your children have not made their first communion, in principle they will not be given the Compostela as such, but rather a welcome document to Santiago.

The places to acquire this document in Lugo are, generally, the Bishopric of the Cathedral, the Parish of A Nova, located on Calle de la Reina; and in 30 establishments associated with Lugo Monumental. You can see the list here.

plan the route

It is very important to calculate the daily sections that we are going to cover and locate the hostels to sleep in advance. We must take into account the ages of our children, so that they can take breaks and make it a pleasant family experience.

From Lugo we start with the fifth stage of the Camino Primitivo to San Román da Retorta. From here we continue from Merlán to Melide, we follow Arzúa to Rúa and finally to Santiago.

Upon arrival we can exchange our credential and visit the Cathedral, and attend the Pilgrim’s Mass.

More tips for the tour

To undertake this trip it is essential to get some trekking shoes . Due to the large number of km that are going to be walked and also to the weather in Galicia, the trecking ones are the most suitable.

It is also important to have seamless socks. These prevent blisters from coming out and it is also important that they are special for sweating, so as not to suffer during the journey. The clothes must always be very comfortable, and appropriate to the Galician weather: a sweater or sweatshirt for when it cools down at night and a raincoat for when it rains.

In summer it is essential to wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun, as well as sunscreen to avoid burning. You can’t forget the canteen full of water either.

The luggage is important that it is light, and also carry several spare socks on hand, to enjoy this experience without any incident.