Camino de Santiago from Ourense

The Camino de Santiago from Orense, along the Vía de la Plata, is a recommended route for families with children over ten years of age.

We can do the last stage of the journey of this road that actually starts in Seville, but we can start it in Orense. From this Galician city, we find thermal water spas along the way that will make our itinerary of just over 100 kilometers on foot or horseback, or 200 kilometers by bicycle, more bearable for everyone.

The estimated time to complete this stage of the Camino from Orense to Santiago is at least seven or eight days . It is important to plan according to the rhythm of our children, so that they enjoy the route and it does not become too heavy for them.

Pilgrim credentials for the Camino de Santiago from Orense

The first thing we must do is process the credentials , which is an essential requirement to sleep in hostels and to obtain the Compostelana. This document is a kind of passport that is stamped at the different stages of the route to guarantee that you have done it correctly.

If your children have not made their first communion, in principle they will not be given the Compostelana as such, but rather a document of welcome to Santiago that has the same function.

The places to process this document in Orense are the city’s Cathedral, where pilgrims’ credentials can be purchased and stamped; or the Association of Friends Vía de la Playa, where attention and information is provided to pilgrims, as well as the acquisition and stamping of credentials. The address is at Praza das Damas

plan the route

It is very important to calculate the daily sections that we are going to cover and locate the hostels to sleep in advance. We must take into account the ages of our children, to take the necessary breaks and make it a pleasant family experience.

During the journey we must always follow the yellow arrows that point us to the path of the yellow shell , the main icon of the pilgrim.

The Roman Bridge that crosses the Miño River marks the beginning of the route and, from this point, we have three options to Santiago de Compostela:

  • The old Camino Real to the village of Cudeiro.
  • The N-120 road to the Cuesta de Canedo.
  • There is also an itinerary along the Miño river thermal route that runs along the Vía de la Plata, where we find five thermal areas, and then connects with the French Way until reaching Santiago.

More tips for the tour

The main complement to carry out any route of the Camino de Santiago is the appropriate footwear. Trekking shoes are the ideal ones for the relief and the Galician climate. In addition, it is important to use special socks for sweating and, if possible, seamless. In this way, the annoying and painful blisters that can be caused during the Camino are avoided.

Comfortable clothing is also a must. It is important to bring a sweater in case it gets cold and a raincoat in case it rains. If it is done during the summer, it is also very important to wear a hat and sun protection so as not to run any risk.