Camino de Santiago from Portomarín to Ventas de Narón

The French Way is one of the most used to carry out the famous Camino de Santiago . A busy path, with stages of all kinds and with many hostels where you can rest.

This path has very affordable sections that can be done with children at any time of the year. One of them is the one that runs through the province of Lugo, specifically between Portomarín and Ventas de Narón. This route is 12-13 km long and of medium difficulty,  as it has quite a few hills or slopes.

How is this route?

Leaving the town of Portomarín, descend to reach the Belesar Reservoir . Once past the swamp, you have to climb quite a few sections to reach Monte de San Antonio. One of the stops that we can make on this route is in Gonzar , where there is a Romanesque church that is very worth seeing. The road continues to be uphill until you reach the Ventas de Narón. It is advisable to make all the stops that are necessary, so that the children can rest and enjoy the journey, so that it does not become too heavy for them.

This section of the Camino de Santiago runs along paths between farmland, small towns, wooded areas and along a small path next to the road. At some points you have to cross the regional road, so extreme caution must be taken to avoid any scare.

Tips and recommendations

Most of the time it is a firm path made up of dirt . In the rainy season there may be muddy sections, so you should wear suitable footwear and spare socks in case you need to change them. The most advisable thing is to wear trekking shoes , since due to the relief of the road and the Galician climate they are the most appropriate footwear.

It is not adapted to go with pushchairs or wheelchairs. It is better to go with children who can already walk quite a bit on their own, because going with a baby in the carrier for so long can be very tiring.

In the backpack you can not miss water in a canteen or food to replenish your strength along the way.

As it is a very steep stage, it is advisable to make stops every so often so as not to get too exhausted. Do not forget the camera, because you will love to immortalize every moment and every corner of the journey.

If it is done during the summer, it is advisable to wear a hat and sun protection, to properly protect us from the sun. In addition, it may rain, so it is also advisable to bring a raincoat so as not to get soaked.