Camino de Santiago from Sarria to Ferreiros in Lugo

Sarria , in Lugo, is considered the starting point for many pilgrims to begin their journey along the  Camino de Santiago.

It is a town located very close to the last 100 km of Santiago, the minimum distance that must be traveled on foot to win the Compostelana, and it has become a very important point on the so-called  French Way.

how is the route

This first stage of the Camino de Santiago is located between the towns of Sarria and Ferreiros , and is  about 13  km long . The traveler will be able to enter a dreamlike landscape full of medieval bridges and rustic footbridges, local tracks, rural paths and nature in its purest form.

The stage, apparently, has no difficulty. Even so, the road is full of false flats and short slopes and changes from dirt floor to asphalt and from there to a rural road, which make it impossible to maintain a constant pace.

The route begins in front of the Salvador church  and runs along the path to the viewpoint, where the traveler can say goodbye to Sarria. The paved path reaches the vicinity of the hostel-convent A Magdalena, to turn sharply to the left and head for the cemetery and the first medieval bridge: the Áspero bridge . After crossing it, the first stretch of land begins, so care must be taken if it has rained the night before, as it can be completely muddy.

The path runs parallel to the train and on several occasions the walker must go through a viaduct or even cross the track itself. At these points, extreme caution should be exercised with children. After a somewhat hard stretch, you reach Vilei, which has numerous services and places to rest and have a snack. At the exit of the town there is a rest area with a fountain and wooden benches. The next place of interest that the road passes through is Barbadelo , with a very beautiful historic center and an amazing temple. This town also has a hostel.

The following points of interest on the route are the Mercado da Serra, Molino de Marzán, where you must cross a stream using stone walkways. In the rainy season it can be very muddy. Leiman, Peruscallo with its beautiful hórreos, Cortinas, Lavandeira are also very worthwhile. Little by little, the walker will approach the famous milestone that marks the last 100 km of the Camino de Santiago . A perfectly recognizable place, located in a clearing, which has numerous memories and of which almost an altar has been created.

The last few kilometers remain to reach Ferreiros along paths that run parallel to several streams and paths that change floors. In Ferreiros, hikers can find all kinds of services, including hostels, where they can rest to regain their strength for their next stage.

Tips and recommendations

The recommended footwear to do the Camino de Santiago, although this is only a small stage of it, are trekking shoes . The relief of the roads and the unpredictable Galician weather make them the best allies to make this wonderful trip. In addition, it is essential to bring a raincoat in case it rains and a sweater in case it gets cold.

If the journey is made in summer, it is important to bring a hat and sunscreen, as well as plenty of water and some food.