Camino de Santiago in Irun

In the beautiful town of Irún you can also do some of the well-known Camino de Santiago . They are very affordable sections, perfect for traveling with the family.

The story goes that ever since King Sancho el Mayor de Navarra, back in the 11th century, established Irún as part of the itinerary to Santiago de Compostela, this city became a vital point on the road between France and Spain. In Irún, hikers can live a Jacobean experience for a few hours, enjoying the city while traveling through these stretches suitable for the whole family.

Routes in Irun

From Irun it is possible to follow the Camino Real or the Ramal de Santiago . This second route is 1.5 km long and begins at the Santiago International Bridge. It ends at Plaza San Juan Harria from where it connects with the Camino Real.

The Santiago International Bridge is where this alternative route for pilgrims begins. At this point, Irún is accessed from Lapurdi. It is a route of low difficulty, like the Camino Real, so it is suitable for people of any age and children will enjoy it a lot.

The real way

The so-called Camino Real starts from the neighborhood of Behobia to the neighborhood of Elizalde in Oiartzun and can be divided into two comfortable sectors or parts.

  • The first part runs through the neighborhood of Behobia and reaches the Plaza de San Juan Harria. It is a completely urban route that can be done quietly by taking a walk and has a length of 2.8 km. Being in the city you can go with a baby stroller without problem.
  • The second part goes from Plaza San Juan de Harria to the Elizalde neighborhood in Oiartzun . This section is longer, it measures 5 km but it is perfectly affordable to do it with children. Calle Mayor was the main artery of this town until the 19th century, which is why the Camino Real runs through it. This part of the route has two zones, the first is the one that runs through the city and the second is the one that takes the traveler through a more rural area.

Both sections are very simple and perfectly affordable to do with small children. Even so, it is advisable to take into account the capacity and strength of children and stop at any sign of fatigue. In the backpack you can not miss a bottle of water, some food and sunscreen, especially in summer.


Irún has two accommodations for those intrepid hikers or pilgrims who want to complete the Camino de Santiago. On the one hand, there is the Martindozenea Hostel open all year. On the other hand, the Pilgrim Hostel of the Association of Friends of the Camino de Santiago in Irun, whose availability is closed to the public from October to Easter.


Due to the geographical layout of Irún, it is one of the perfect enclaves to go with the family and be in contact with both the sea and the mountains. Whether you prefer a more rural plan or a more urban one, Irún offers a wide range of possibilities. For example, in the Museo Romano Oiasso various children’s activities and workshops are organized especially for children so that they can learn while having fun.

Another option is the Plaiaundi Ecological Park, a natural space of great ecological value. The interpretation center organizes bird watching courses, guided tours of the park, among other activities for the whole family.