Careers related to the environment

On April 22 of each year we celebrate World Earth Day. Initiated in 1970 by US Senator Gaylord Nelson, the idea is to make the world population aware of the problems that affect nature, the environment, pollution and biodiversity. 

As a way to celebrate this important day for our planet, today we want to talk to you about some of the main careers related to the environment and nature , a sector of vital importance in the face of the challenges that humanity faces in the 21st century. .


There are several options that you can choose to start your professional career in an environmental area. Ideally, you should first choose what type of work you would like to do, and that within that job you look for a green specialization. For example, if you like the law, you can become an environmental lawyer.

If you are not sure in which area you would like to develop your professional career, you can also choose the option of studying a Degree in Environmental Sciences . If you want to acquire a panoramic view of nature and environmental problems, scientific training, and tools demanded in the labor market within this sector, this degree at the European University gives you the opportunity to be part of the change towards sustainability that our society has undertaken. Our study plan aims to train in the most important knowledge of Environmental Sciences, but incorporating development cooperation and sustainability as key elements in its priorities, as well as new technologies and the acquisition of skills around global sustainable development. With more than 700 hours of internships in leading centers and companies in the sector, you will have the opportunity to learn about your profession from day one.


We continually explain some of the sectors where you can find work to help the environment:

1: Construction:

According to the ILO’s Professional Skills for a Greener Future (2019) report, the construction sector is one of the sectors that is changing the fastest and needs people with new skills, something that you can acquire with the Master in Sustainable Architecture and Bioconstruction .

Examples of new professional profiles in this sector are architects specialized in sustainable designs, energy certifier and energy auditor.

2. Renewable Energies

The renewable energy sector is increasingly gaining importance in the creation of jobs related to the environment . Within this sector there are many options, since renewable energies include solar energy, wind energy or tidal energy . Every area needs qualified people. Engineers and designers of renewable energy systems are some examples of the jobs you can get, especially if you have studied a Master in Renewable Energy .

3. Environmental engineering

For people with an engineering background, there are extensive opportunities to find a career related to the environment and nature.   We give you three examples of them:

  • Environmental Engineer – Advises governments and private companies on the best ways to minimize the environmental impact of their projects.
  • Geoscientist – Study the composition of soils and natural resources. They can work alongside environmental scientists.
  • Hydrologist   – Studies the availability and quality of water, collects data and formulates plans to improve the resource.

4: Transportation services

With the shift from non-renewable energy to renewable energy, transportation services have changed radically in a short time. Today we see more electric cars on the roads, and that is something that will grow in the near future. But it is not only the use of private vehicles that has a great impact on the environment. The entire supply chain has to address the shift to a more sustainable model. With the Master in Logistics, you will learn about the UN sustainable development goals and how they apply to logistics, facing the main challenges related to sustainability.

5: Tourism

More and more people attach importance to sustainability when they go on vacation. Now there is a lot of talk about ecotourism and looking for ways to travel and see the world in a sustainable way. With a degree in tourism , you will acquire the skills to enjoy an exciting profession that is key in the Spanish economy and worldwide and a leader in caring for the sustainability of our planet. Another option to gain knowledge of the tourism sector and develop communication and leadership skills is to study a Double Degree in Tourism and Business Administration .

6: Zoology and Biology

If your environmental interests focus more on animals than plants or earth sciences, a career in zoology and wildlife biology might be what you’re looking for. Biologists and zoologists study animals, often focusing on particular groups of animals, such as mammals, or those that live in specific ecosystems, such as the oceans. By studying a degree in veterinary medicine , you can open doors to a professional career working with animals and helping to preserve the health of the environment at the same time

Some environmental jobs have been around for decades, while others are new and constantly evolving. If you are looking for a job related to nature, you have many options. However, choosing a career path is an important decision, and all the potential benefits and challenges of an occupation should be considered before committing to it. Consider this listing as a guide to begin your own research on the environmental career you are seeking.

Happy world earth day!