Cheryl Kitonga Biography, Relationship with Jacob Juma, Education and Quick Facts

Cheryl Kitonga is the youngest Kenyan to make headlines in Kenyan blogs and newspapers after being revealed by Jicho Pevu as Jacob Juma’s mysterious lover.

The murdered tycoon’s girlfriend became the subject of conversation, scorn and ridicule on social media with all the nasty jokes, memes and utterances being thrown at her from every angle after she was revealed to be the woman who last saw him alive.

After the nerve-wracking revelation, the young beauty tried hard to avoid the media. She has also wisely chosen to stay away from all social media platforms. However, that hasn’t stopped social media users from decimating their lives.

While she’s still worried about the course of the whole incident, we bring you some characteristics that may tell who Cheryl Kitonga is.

Cheryl Kitonga Biografie

Not much is known about Cheryl Kitonga, whose sudden rise to fame was tied to the death of someone else.

The little that is known about her comes from journalist Mohammed Ali’s synopsis, which went viral. During this time, Cherly rushed to deactivate her Facebook account so she wouldn’t be followed on social media. However, their photos and information had already been collected along with some information.

From what was gotten, Cheryl is understoodin her late 20s. The young, exciting girl from Nairobi still lives with her parents. She was in a relationship when news of her transgressions suddenly blew up. This caused her boyfriend at the time to dump her.

She has also dated some famous people on social media. The list may not be exhaustive, but Cheryl is said to have dated many popular Twitter users before Jacob Juma, one of whom studied journalism and mass communications at the University of Nairobi.


Cheryl Kitonga is a former marketing student at the University of Nairobi. She was at the university from 2009 to 2013. According to information on her Linkedin page, she has earned a Diploma in B Comm (Marketing/Marketing Management, General at Computer Pride).

Cheryl has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. So it’s not surprising that she struck a “do and pay deal” with Jacob Juma, who has a great reputation for such deals. After all, anything given for money is business, right?

In a relationship with Jacob Juma

Cheryl didn’t want her friends to talk less about the whole world to know about her relationship with Jacob Juma. In her recording, which was released live on KTN, Ms Kitonga revealed that one night she unexpectedly met the late Jacob Juma.

She explained that they met at an Mpesa specialist store where she went to get money to buy groceries. She admitted they both felt a special bond as she believed he could help her with their business exchange.

To meet Juma, Cheryl always had to sneak in from her childhood home in a cab. When it was time to go home, Jacob would take her into town under cover of darkness before she drove to his Karen’s home. Like what happened the night he was killed.

Brief facts about Cheryl Kitonga

She’s smart, but not very smart

Cheryl wasn’t smart enough to know that she wasn’t supposed to disclose her personal affairs to an untrustworthy cab driver. And even if she had to share the gist, she should have sifted out some very personal things since it was a phone call and not a face-to-face discussion.

She wasn’t even smart enough to find out Mohammed Ali bribed the driver who drove her on her perverted missions to get information on exactly where Jacob Juma dropped her off the night he was killed.

She was harassed and emotionally tormented

Cheryl Kitonga after being taped on the phoneThe young beauty admitted to dating murdered businessman Jacob Juma and said she is going through emotional anguish and wants to be left alone.