Conga 3490 Elite vs Xiaomi Vacuum 2 Which is the better cleaning robot?

Don’t know which cleaning robot to stay with? We analyze both models in depth and tell you what their differences are so you know which one to buy.

Today we face the Xiaomi Vacuum 2 against the Conga 3490 from Cecotec, two of the most famous and best-selling cleaning robots , two opponents that represent a safe bet in terms of quality and price. We will analyze its most outstanding features and functionalities until we see which of these two vacuum cleaners finally wins. You are ready? Conga 3490 Elite vs Xiaomi Vacuum 2, let the fight begin! Are you looking for iPad charging port repair centre in USA?

battle pass

  • Review of the 3490 Elite Conga
  • Review of the Xiaomi Vacuum 2
  • Technical comparison
  • Conga 3490 vs Xiaomi Vacuum 2
  • Winner

Review of the 3490 Elite Conga

Imagine coming home from work or waking up one weekend after a party and finding everything swept, vacuumed and mopped, nice dream isn’t it? Well, this and much more is what the Conga 3490 Elite promises us, a cleaning robot from a Spanish brand that is going to make it very difficult for the Chinese-made Xiaomi Vacuum 2. Know more about iPad battery replacement near me in United States.

Cecotec’s Conga 3490 Elite is the perfect robot for all households, thanks to its design and the different ways it can be configured and the 10 cleaning programs it offers. Does technology cost you and you can’t figure it out with the phone app? The Conga 3490 Elite has two buttons on the top (power and home) and a remote control to control it easily.

Do you want to go further? Download its application (for iOS and Android) and access functions such as knowing the status of the disposables, creating up to 5 personalized maps of the house, scheduling cleanings and following the robot live and directly (yes, you can monitor it). In addition to this, the Conga 3490 Elite will allow you to designate specific cleaning areas or deny access to others by simply marking a line in the application.

Another area in which the Conga 3490 Elite vs Xiaomi Vacuum 2 stands out is its autonomy and safety. If you are still not convinced by the fact that an intelligent robot is walking around the house and causing you some fear, you can calm down. On the other hand, the Conga 3490 Elite works by means of a laser that scans all obstacles and a light at the bottom that prevents it from rolling down the stairs. In addition, Cecotec assures us (and it is true) that the path of the cleaning robot is super efficient, tracing circles and sections to optimize cleaning to the maximum, instead of bumping into everything and simply going in a straight line.

The good

  • The application to program and configure the robot is very complete.
  • You can connect with Google Home and Alexa to give you commands.
  • We can swap the aspirate and mixed tanks in seconds.

The bad

  • The initial setup of the robot is very complicated and frustrating.
  • Recognizes curtains, bedspreads, and fabrics as walls.

Review of the Xiaomi Vacuum 2

If the Conga 3490 Elite seems good to you, the Xiaomi vacuum 2 versus is at the same level. The Xiaomi Vacuum 2 is an improved model that rivals the Spanish alternative, asserting the “made in China” as synonymous with quality at a good price. Whether you have never tried any Xiaomi gadget, or if you are a fan of the brand, we are sure that this cleaning robot will exceed all your expectations.

What we highlight the most about cleaning robots such as the Xiaomi Vacuum 2 vs those from Cecotec, is the maximum simplicity with which you can do everything. From assembling it to disassembling it, installing it and handling it from the first moment. Do you like the sound of this? We go into detail.

The Xiaomi Vacuum 2 or Roborock S50 (yes, it is also called that by the manufacturer) comes with a spare part for each component , making a total of two dust filters and two mops, fully washable with water in both cases. And not only that, except for the body of the cleaning robot, all the dust compartments and removable elements are washable. If you want to have a clean house, it is essential that your robot is also clean.

As for sweeping and mopping, the Xiaomi Vacuum 2 has nothing to envy the Conga 3490. Starting with its autonomy, capable of cleaning up to 250 square meters according to the manufacturer, and continuing with its zig-zag sweeping technique, it does not there is a speck of dust that resists him. Its large wheels allow it to jump over cables, climb carpets and ledges without flinching, reaching all parts of your house through its different cleaning modes.

As for the application, which the Xiaomi Vacuum 2 also has, you will be happy to know that it is Mi Home , the same application as the rest of Xiaomi’s smart devices. This application will allow you to select the different total sweeping modes, by zones or by specific points , and even control the remaining battery time and the total cleaning time.

The good

  • Bring spare parts
  • All removable parts are washable
  • Very easy to set up and get started

The bad

  • Loose rugs and blankets can get stuck
  • Offers fewer clean and setup modes than the Conga

Technical comparison Conga Vs Xiaomi


Size34 x 34 x 9.5cm35x35x9.6cm
suction power2300Pa2000Pa
cleaning modes104
Dust bin size500ml480ml
water tank sizeMIXED 200 ml (water) + 350 ml (powder)140ml
Battery duration120 minutes150 minutes
Total charging time180-240 minutes250 minutes
Noise level<64dBBetween 54 and 67
Wifi connection and AppYesYes
Connection with virtual assistantsYesYes
mapping systemYesYes
360º sensorYesYes
Auto-reload and task continuityYesYes

Conga 3490 vs Xiaomi Vacuum 2

The time has come to make this Conga 3490 Elite vs Xiaomi Vacuum 2 a reality. Which of the two robots will be the best?

Let’s start with their similarities: both models have smart navigation and laser mapping system, high Wi-Fi connectivity with its own application and connection with virtual voice assistants. As for cleaning, both robots pass the mop to scrub after vacuuming without making too much noise in the process, while they make a virtual map of the area and return to the charging station if they run out of battery, and then finish the job. The truth is that, in terms of basic features and functionalities, they are very similar, making this Xiaomi Vacuum 2 vs Conga 3490 have to decide on their most notable differences.

Let’s end with their differences: the Conga app is much more complete and configurable than Xiaomi’s, a very good point if you are passionate about technology like us. The second point is also taken by the Conga 3490 elite compared to the Xiaomi, as it has a 13% higher suction power. The third assault is also for Conga and it is that, as far as cleaning is concerned, the storage capacity and quality of scrubbing is superior in this model.

 Winner: Conga 3490 Elite

There is no doubt that the Conga 3490 Elite is the best cleaning robot. In terms of functionalities and technological features, the Conga is much more advanced than the Xiaomi Vacuum 2. What will be the reason to buy another one? Our needs, our desire for technology and price.

If both models are at the same price and you want to buy the most complete model, get the Conga 3490 Elite. If you don’t want to complicate your life and want a simple and reliable cleaning robot, buy the Xiaomi Vacuum 2, it won’t disappoint you.

Now you only have one last thing to know and that is,  where to buy one of these two cleaning robots? To answer this we do not have to do any versus, we have it very clear. Look at Cash Converters and find your cleaning robot at the best price, with a two-year guarantee and home delivery.

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