Diversity Attention Unit and no one is left behind in the EU

Inequality affects, above all, the most vulnerable populations and can be due to various reasons: economic, gender, disability, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, etc.

The pandemic has intensified these inequalities even more, making it clear that it is always the most vulnerable populations that bear the worst consequences of crises of all kinds. Therefore, the inclusion of these groups and their participation in society is important .


From the Diversity Attention Unit (UAD) of the European University, we are committed to building a more inclusive and inclusive university, aware that we are a mirror in which society must see itself reflected.

We try to promote an inclusive education that fosters the development of the potential of each and every one of the students who are part of this educational community, and we try to remove the barriers that people with disabilities or functional diversity continue to encounter today.

We must understand diversity not only as a fact, but as an enriching element. And, therefore, we must ensure equal opportunities, adjusting to each student so that they can develop their competence to the maximum, actively participate in the university and achieve their personal goals.

Thus, from the UAD, we make available to students the technical and human resources that allow them to make the most of their formative stage within the university , making the appropriate curricular adjustments and individually analyzing each case to be able to carry out a personalized follow-up.

In addition to this, we try to sensitize the Educational Community about diversity , organizing conferences and seminars and training students and teachers on the inclusion of students with specific educational support needs.

Under the umbrella of equal opportunity, our mission is to build a more inclusive and inclusive university “that leaves no one behind.”

Can you help us to achieve it?