Due to the laws in Germany and Switzerland, price of second-hand cars

This is news that will make many in our country happy, especially those who have planned to buy four-wheelers in the near future.

Namely, the affair that shook Europe two years ago when the famous car manufacturer Volkswagen falsified tests on harmful gas emissions, led the leaders of many European countries to think about the problem of pollution caused by diesel motor vehicles, as well as solving it.

As a result, now after two years, the governments of Germany and Switzerland have passed laws that will require owners of vehicles that do not meet the Euro 6 standard to say goodbye to them or permanently “adopt” them in the garage.

However, as the number of these vehicles in Germany is really large (about half of the produced vehicles are diesel-powered), and the German car giants still have the largest part of diesel-powered engines in their production plants , they still opted for a milder version of the law. the ban on driving these vehicles will be limited to large cities. On the other hand, in Switzerland they have gone a step further, so vehicles without Euro 6 standards will no longer pass the technical inspection, ie their registration will be impossible. Interesting topic to know more about auto oglasi.

However, in order for the owners of these vehicles not to be left in the lurch, large car dealers will leave this possibility to enable discount shopping under the recycling system. The main idea of ??the whole project is to drive old diesels from the German and Swiss markets and in the next few years replace them with electric vehicles or state-of-the-art diesels.

As imported vehicles from these countries are the most popular with our drivers, and their share is the largest, we can conclude that this will have a positive impact on customers from our country and the markets of neighboring countries. That is, with the growth of the offer, the price of these vehicles will certainly fall, and we will have to wait for how favorable it will be.


In the end, although our market as well as the markets of other countries in Europe serve to dispose of their old vehicles, they are unfortunately vehicles that are better in all parameters than the current average, so we can look forward to younger and cheaper cars.

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