Educational challenges in the training of pre-school and primary teachers

Educational challenges in the training

Educational challenges in the training

Even before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, education systems in almost all countries were facing many changes. Today’s world is volatile, uncertain, and complex. This means that schools and colleges have to continuously adapt and face numerous challenges in Education: advances in technology, demographic changes, the environment and also economic and political factors.

In this post, we see some of the biggest current challenges in Education for teachers working in schools and colleges in Spain:


According to various research, many students are stressed, full of anxiety, and at a breaking point. Teachers and leaders in Education are experiencing the same problems. Some of the key factors are likely due to social media, study and work overload, the impact of exams and pressure to take them, and the added stress of lockdowns during the pandemic. One of the great challenges in the education sector is to improve emotional education , not only to avoid problems such as bullying or cyberbullying, but to ensure that each student can achieve an optimal degree of social and emotional well-being.


The purpose of the school or college is to prepare students for life beyond. One of the easiest ways to help students develop new skills is to incorporate learning experiences outside of the classroom. That can be through activities like music training or sports training – activities that enrich your educational experience and teach key skills like teamwork, leadership, and commitment. 


With the education sector facing a time of technological change and in the “new normal”, one of the fundamental challenges in Education is to find people with the ability to lead this change. Educational centers such as schools, institutes and colleges need people capable of communicating with their teams and adapting quickly, skills that you will learn in the Master in Organization and Management of Educational Centers.


New technologies in Education are a powerful movement that is advancing more and more. Ultimately, today’s students have grown up with digital technology and it makes all the logic in the world to be part of their educational experience. But what role should it play?

Educational technology offers the potential to engage students in the learning process as, for example, evidenced by flipped classrooms . It can facilitate group collaboration and provide instant access to up-to-date resources. But there are also downsides: it can be distracting. Some students disconnect from class and spend their time watching social media, playing games, or shopping online. Research in Canada showed that students who multitasked during class scored 11% lower on a test. Students who sat behind those students in the classroom scored 17% lower.


Another challenge in Education is related to diversity in the classroom. Each student learns in a different way and teachers should be able to adapt to each one. The more support and resources they have, the easier it should be to be able to identify and intervene in possible school disorders that could affect the progress of each student and their educational experiences. 


All the above challenges come together in one, teacher training. From the International Organizations and from the educational legislation, teachers are asked to have more and more ambitious functions and more versatile competences. Initial teacher training and solid quality, both in Early Childhood Education , and Primary Education , and Secondary Education is “the challenge of the challenges” educational.

Education in the 21st century, both in Spain and in the rest of the countries, faces numerous challenges. The reaction to the coronavirus pandemic has shown that there is much room for improvement. Still, all is not bad, of course. With every challenge there is an opportunity and together we can solve them and build a better future for our young people.

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