Get inspiration from these female celebrities who look stunning in short hair

While it sounds like it should be the easiest, wearing short hair is a big challenge for many. Many prefer to wear long straight or blonde hair to copy white people. And of course there are many colored wigs as well as long, silky extensions that often catch the eye of stylists, hair enthusiasts, individuals, some celebrities and exhibitors.

However, against the beautiful-looking hair, some African women have decided to get back to basics in the cubicles filled with shiny tubs of chemical relaxants: wearing their own natural hair. This seems to be an unexpected trend as celebrities like Caroline Mutoko, Amani, Alice Kamande, Serah Ndanu, etc. are sporting shiny wigs and extensions.

Some female Kenyan celebrities are rather they are fascinated by their natural hair and want to show off the beauty of their hair. You want to wear it and show it off. They love the hair they were born with, they embrace it, are proud of it and even wear it to international events. In fact, these celebrities truly understand that black women naturally have unique and stunning hair, but due to inferiority complexes or reasons best known to them, they choose to wear wigs and weaves. Even though woven fabrics and all those artificial fabrics look good on some people, they believe that natural hair looks better. Here are the top Kenyan celebrities who are outstanding in short hair,

Margaret Gakuo Kenyatta

Margaret Kenyatta, the wife of Uhuru MuigaiKenyatta, 4th President of Kenya and First Lady of Kenya, looks very attractive in her short hair and is among the few who rock the hair they were born with with deep confidence. She didn’t have to rely on the apparent femininity that long hair offers to turn heads or grab the President’s attention.

Terryanne Chebet

Terryanne Chebet sometimes wears wigs and weaves, but it’s see through that she looks more adorable in short hair. She no doubt looks uniquely stunning when she decides to show off her short hair (died or not).


Wahu A musician from Kenya is another celebrity who has shown off her natural hair. She looks amazing wearing her natural blonde hair. She styles her natural hair to her liking and rarely wears wigs or weaves.

Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o and supreme short hair are also essentially. She’s rocked her natural hair a lot, inspiring many to join the beauty combo. She adapts to every occasion she wears it. Amazingly, the diva wears her short natural hair to every event at home and abroad and of course looks strikingly phenomenal in it.

Jane Wacu

Volleyball player Jane Wacu is another Kenyan star who looks better in her short natural hair than if she had opted to wear woven fabrics and wigs. The successful and notable gamer also styles her short hair in different ways. It’s all about achieving versatility and a beautiful hairstyle, after all.

Janet Wanja

Here’s another volleyball star who belongs to Short Hair Ambassadors. The talented player has made a huge contribution to the success of the Kenya women’s team, representing the country both inside and outside the continent.

Huddah Monroe

Former BBA housemate Huddah Monroe is another Kenyan star rocking short hair. She sometimes wears wigs and weaves, but many prefer her short hair to that of wigs and weaves.

Stella Mwangi

Stella, a Kenyan-Norwegian singer, songwriter and rapper is another Kenyan star who looks amazing in short natural hair. She always rocks it when she’s not wearing a wig or weave.