How the Health sector cares for people

The last year has shown the great importance of good health management. We have experienced complicated situations that could have been predicted, treated and controlled if better management had been done that requires highly qualified professionals in various areas.

The health sector has always aroused a multitude of opinions from everyone and the media have echoed voices not trained or experts in the field. To all this, the appearance of COVID-19 has multiplied the number of comments accentuating the situation and without letting professionals talk about it.


We are at a time that requires highly trained experts in the health and social health sector so that they can face great challenges: increasing population aging, cancer cases and chronic diseases that cause society to worry. If, to all this, pandemic situations are added, clearly, the balance of our health system is threatened.

For this reason, from the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences of the European University , we have added new degrees to the portfolio, reinforcing this area:

  • STUDYING PUBLIC HEALTH : perhaps one of the areas of Health on which the most focus has been placed. It will train you for its exercise and the application of the epidemiological method .
  • STUDY BIOINFORMATICS : it has been shown that it can play a key role in disease monitoring. Learn the management of data in Health and the transfer of results to clinical practice .
  • STUDY CLINICAL NUTRITION : nutrition is a critical point for acquiring healthy habits and optimal development can favor the recovery of the hospitalized patient.
  • STUDY NEUROPSYCHOLOGY : Neuropsychologists and psychologists have been very relevant during and as a result of the pandemic. Therefore, train yourself in the management of the different models of evaluation, rehabilitation and intervention in this field.
  • STUDY SPEECH THERAPY : it is one of the careers with the highest employability and has a growing demand in the health area. Train yourself for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and investigation of communication disorders linked to voice, speech and language.
  • STUDY OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY : health professionals have played a crucial role, in such a way that occupational therapists have continued to work in all areas to promote the health and well-being of people.

We are strongly committed to this impulse in health improvements and we want to respond to this need by training the health professionals of the future through practical learning, based on advances in the sector.