Higher degrees with more professional opportunities 2021

Did you know that doing a Bachelor’s degree is not the only way to access the job market? Although it is widely believed that a university graduate will obtain greater employability, in recent years the Higher Degree Training Cycles have become a very viable alternative to train, specialize and carry out a profession.

At the European University we have a complete academic offer of Higher Degrees and in this article we will tell you which ones have the most professional opportunities today.


If you are considering studying a Professional Training, the first aspect that you should consider is the level for which you are going to opt: Medium or Superior.

The Middle Grade Training Cycle is usually intended for people over 16 years of age, who are already of working age and who have completed their studies in Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO).

Meanwhile, the Higher Degree requires the completion of the Baccalaureate or a Middle Degree Training Cycle, so the people who choose to study them are at least 18 years old.

Although both are merely practical , in the latter the qualities and knowledge that are acquired are more complete , which facilitates entry into the labor market.


As with university careers, there are some Higher Level Training Cycles with a higher rate of employability than others. Not all areas of study are applied equally. This is mainly due to the needs of society, the demands of the labor market for wanting to respond to them and the influence that this exerts on the academic world.

An example is found in the Covid 19 health crisis and the increase in demand for specialist personnel in diagnostic tests that this situation has triggered.

Currently, the health sector offers a multitude of job opportunities to those trained to manage a laboratory, analyze samples and identify any virus or bacteria . All with the aim of preventing and controlling those diseases that may affect humans.

For this reason, it is not surprising that one of the degrees with the most professional opportunities is that of Senior Technician in Clinical and Biomedical Laboratory . Studies that can be complemented with a course of Superior Technician in Pathological Anatomy and Cytodiagnosis .

Another booming professional branch is sports and physical activity. The number of people concerned about taking care of their physical health and improving their well-being is increasing , resorting to sports practices in both public and private entities (associations, clubs, federations, gyms, hotels, spas, social centers, etc. ).

This context has favored an increase in the demand for animators, monitors, instructors and coaches . In short, people who have completed the Higher Technician in Physical Conditioning .

Technology profiles are also among the most requested. One of them is that of Senior Technician in Marketing and Advertising . Currently, many companies turn to digital tools (Data Analytics, web positioning, User Experience, mobile design , etc.) to make themselves known, sell their products or services and stand out from the competition . However, to be successful it is not enough to invest money, you also have to have professionals specialized in Digital Marketing, Communication and Advertising.

And the other technological profile in vogue is that of Senior Technician in Network Information Systems Administration . The digital transformation of companies has contributed to the fact that this professional figure, in charge of configuring, managing and ensuring the correct functioning of the computer systems they use in their day-to-day life, is essential.


At the European University, we have been betting on online training for years and now we have taken a further step forward by incorporating Distance Training Cycles into our academic offer . Study at your own pace , with an innovative methodology and much more personalized attention. 

If you want to get one of the professional profiles most demanded by companies today, here are some of our recommendations: