How To Get Rid of Spider Veins and What are They

Spider veins, those red and blue blood vessels that can be seen on the skin’s surface, can make your skin look uneven and uneven. This problem is quite common in middle-aged women who lead a sedentary life, with little mobility or spending a lot of time on their feet. If those small vein branches bother you and you want your skin to look smoother and rejuvenated, at oneHOWTO we give you the solution. Next we want to talk to you about how to hide spider veins and varicose veins , so that these soft marks that appear with the passage of time and age are reduced to their minimum expression. You want to know more? Take note of the following tips and you will be able to hide spider veins.

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put your legs up

One of the best tricks to reduce the appearance of varicose and spider veins is to put your legs up during periods of rest. Although sleeping can be uncomfortable, you should take advantage of the moments when you are seated to elevate your legs. Whether watching TV or working, try to keep them as high as possible. This simple gesture will help improve blood supply and therefore reduce the appearance of spider veins.

Also, if you spend a lot of time sitting, either for studies or work, try to get up every half hour or so to stimulate circulation and avoid blood stagnation that can show spider veins.

apply cold water

To help reduce spider veins, it is recommended to apply cold water to your legs , for example, after your usual shower. Cold water helps improve circulation and with just a few seconds you can improve the appearance of your legs. While you apply the cold water jet, make circular movements with the shower head and from bottom to top. In addition to noticing immediate relief , you will be able to reduce spider veins.

Use cold effect creams

To reduce spider veins, try this trick: use creams and gels with a cold effect, specific products for tired legs and those with varicose veins. Apply these products by gently massaging the area. The continued use of creams with a cold effect will not only provide you with relief but will also allow you to reduce spider veins so that you can show off your legs.

Wear tights and leggings

If the remedies to reduce spider veins have not worked for you until today or not enough, take note of the following advice to hide varicose veins: wear leggings or stockings. This is the easiest option to hide and disguise spider veins . For example, fishnet stockings or stockings with lace are a perfect alternative to hide veins, varicose veins and even cellulite without completely hiding the skin. However, you can always wear looks with leggings, opaque and plain stockings, prints, etc. perfect for wearing skirts and dresses without worrying about spider veins.

Bet on transparencies

Continuing with the styling tricks, one of the best ways to hide spider veins, without giving up wearing dresses or skirts, is to opt for die-cut fabrics or with transparencies . In addition to being fashionable, they are ideal for visually reducing spider veins. While you can still see the little veins on your skin up close, clothing will help camouflage them from a distance. If you have an event or a party, these fabrics will be the perfect alternative for you.

Wear midi dresses

Go to the latest fashion and do not give up showing legs. With this premise we want to talk to you about midi dresses and skirts , a perfect option to wear a dress hiding those most critical areas where spider veins usually appear, such as the hips and thighs. Dresses or pencil skirts are an ideal option since they stylize the figure and focus attention on other areas of the body, which prevents varicose veins from being the focus of attention.

Here we give you some ideas on How to combine a midi skirt .

wear high boots

Another alternative to midi dresses and leggings are high boots, perfect if you want to wear short skirts or shorts. High boots help hide the veins on the legs , so they are an infallible option that, in addition, will allow you to be fashionable. Musketeers boots are a safe bet.

Put on makeup or self-tanner

If your idea is to show off natural legs but you don’t want your spider veins to be the center of attention, bet on makeup or a self-tanner to show an even skin. The corrective base should be applied in the opposite color to that of the affected vein, that is, if the vein is red or orange, a green corrector should be used and if it is violet, a yellowish corrector. Afterward, you can apply makeup all over your leg to even out the tone. In the case of self-tanner, in addition to unifying the tone and hiding varicose veins, it will add color to your skin.

do exercise

If you want to hide and reduce spider veins , practicing moderate exercise will be essential. Not only is it important to exercise, but you must do it well, that is, focusing on the area you want to treat. In this case, to activate circulation and improve it , it is important to walk at least 1 hour a day , at a brisk pace. This will prevent blood stagnation. Similarly, for all those who spend long periods of time on their feet, it is important to rest from time to time.

If you practice intense exercise, it is important to spend a few minutes progressively slowing down. If you stop short, it can cause the muscle fibers to be filled with blood and this can stagnate, producing the dreaded varicose veins. Don’t stop suddenly and end your sport sessions with stretching.

say goodbye to tobacco

As you know, following a healthy lifestyle will help reduce the presence of spider veins. One of the bad habits that you will have to break if you want to reduce the appearance of spider veins is tobacco. Smoking daily causes direct damage to the muscles, especially in the legs, since it influences the reduction of blood vessels. If you want to show off more beautiful legs, say goodbye to tobacco.

Here are some tricks to quit smoking without anxiety .

Go to specific treatments

If you want to definitively get rid of spider veins, you should know that there are certain aesthetic treatments that will help you camouflage them, hide them or even eliminate some of them. For each case, the venous diagnosis should be studied, which may vary in degrees, and thus the most appropriate treatment can be chosen to achieve the best aesthetic result, in addition to alleviating the symptoms that this problem may cause.

Laser treatments are the most used to remove spider veins . One or more sessions can be carried out, depending on the varicose problem and the treatment does not require rest or medical leave. If you want to know more about specific treatments to eliminate spider veins, do not hesitate to consult doctors specialized in aesthetic medicine to achieve your goals.

This article is merely informative, at oneHOWTO we do not have the power to prescribe any medical treatment or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to go to a doctor in the event of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.