Idris Sultan Biography, Girlfriend, Family, Appearance on Big Brother Africa

Idris Sultan is the winner of the ninth season of Big Brother Africa, themed Big Brother Hotshots, was the second Tanzanian to receive the $300,000 BBA award, after Richard Bezuidenhout, who won it in 2007. Big Brother House.

The young lad became known in realityshow after intimate relationships with a number of women in the house. Some of his fans even called him “The House Bad Boy” or “Mr Lover Man”. Tayo, the Nigerian contestant, had emerged as the favorite for the jackpot, but Idris’ advantage came because most of the countries allied with Tanzania, including countries like Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Zambia, had leaned out.

The celebrity photographer also hosts the biggest comedy news show called SIO HABARI and a radio show called MWB (Mji wa burudani) on ChoiceFm Tanzania.


The actor was born on January 28, 1993 and grew upin Tanzania. His journey to stardom began when he represented his country on Big Brother Africa Hotshots and emerged as the winner of the ninth edition of the reality TV show. He used his grand prize to buy a house in Dar es Salam, the Tanzanian capital, and took to his official Instagram page to share the photo of himself in front of his new home.

Appearance on Big Brother Africa

Idris Sultan joined the Big Brother Africa reality show in 2014. The reality star said he wanted to inspire people and make a name for himself in the process. He added that he feels “excited, excited and accomplished” that the continent will be watching him on the show. ”

The Tanzanian housemate came off badly in the competition for number one Hotshot and winner of Big Brother Africa 9. His charming role in the house portrayed him as the ladies’ man who gave him an edge. As the show’s grand finale neared, several of his housemates were evicted, including M’am Bea and Butterphly, JJ and Sipe. Macky2 and Nhlanhla. Each evicted housemate received medallions from Biggie for making it to the last 8. The final moment arrives and Tayo and Idris get in a limousine and are on stage with IK waiting to hear which of them will be crowned the Hotshot. Eventually, IK announced Tanzanian roommate Idris as the winner.

family, girlfriend

Sultan was raised by his parents along with his older sister Nashra, who was present to support her younger brother at the Big Brother winner’s awards ceremony. When Sultan was named the winner, she burst into tears and cried with joy. Later in her interview, she said his brother’s win was a big thing for her family.

As a celebrity millionaire in his country, Sultan is a topic of news, so his love affairs are anything but private. In 2016, he publicly declared his undying love for Miss Tanzania 2006, Wema Sepetu, on his Instagram. Their relationship seemed like a match made in heaven, but the duo later broke up in late 2017, citing irreconcilable differences. Sultan said it was not an easy decision for him to end the relationship. He told a Tanzania-based site that his ex-girlfriend broke his heart multiple times and that he teamed up with more than 30 women to get Sepetu out of his heart.

More about Idris Sultan

1. At the age of 21, Idris describes herself as “smart, charming, funny, flirty and creative. He is a photographer from Arusha in Tanzania.

2. We found out that his favorite book has “something written” in it by Dan Brown

3. Idris enjoys watching The Colbert Report, The Drunk History, The Daily Show and The Ellen Degeneres Show on television.

4. He was the young handsome boy who had a romantic relationship with Uganda’s Ellah and Botswana’s Goitse during the show. Tayo, on the other hand, was the emotional boy who eventually fell out with just about every male roommate in the house.

5. His favorite musical tastes are very diverse and include music artists such as Chris Brown, Sam Smith, Michael Jackson, Usher, Ed Sheeran and Nina Simone.

6. Idris Sultan confirmed that he has no specific role model. However, he has chosen to bring out the best in every successful person he meets. He also revealed that his mother is the biggest influence in his life.

7. From what we have been able to gather from his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages, Idris loves photography and takes great pride in the respect he deserves for showing off his skill and creativity in photography .

8. According to Idris, since Africa gave him the money he won, he would give the money back to Africa, but not in cash, he was quick to add, noting that he would use it for development projects.