Lets Meet Pablo Rubio, CEO and Creative Director of Erretres

In short, who are you and what do you do?

I am Pablo Rubio, CEO and Creative Director of Erretres, a strategic design company that I founded in 2002. Since then I have been involved in the development of projects for companies such as BBVA, Telefónica, El País, Mango, Ecoalf, Yessing, Banco Pichincha, Bnext, Banco Santander, United Nations. From Madrid, we work on the growth of companies in Japan, China, USA, Latin America and Europe. We have a very international vocation.

1. For you, elements that a UX professional should gather

In our daily work at Erretres, we are obsessed with overall product quality, attention to detail, and production processes. We see design as an extremely powerful tool that connects creators and brands with their audiences. These elements are key in the Erretres team, and it is what a student of the Master in UX online would want : commitment to quality, global vision and desire to work and share learning in a multidisciplinary team.

2. Methodology with which the UX Master is taught

The methodology is 100% Online , which means that both the teaching, the exams and the TFM defense are taught and done virtually; This helps the student to better reconcile their work and personal life with their studies, since this master’s degree can be studied from anywhere in the world, only a computer and Internet connection are needed.

On the other hand, it is a very practical master’s degree, it is studied through the methodology of challenges, all of them real with different clients in the sector. It is currently the only UX master in the market that follows this methodology.

3. Strengths of the master’s degree

From the master’s degree we could highlight that the students have a current global vision of the UX sector when they finish it, thanks to the fact that the teachers are expert professionals from leading companies in the digital market. In addition, as I have mentioned before, in the master you work through real challenges with clients.

As a partner we have Erretres, an international Strategy, Branding and Digital consultancy that provides us with professionals and methodology of how we currently work in the sector. In the master we work with the tools that a UX expert needs.

And we must not forget that we stand out for our closeness and agility throughout the training. Each module has a forum, there are actions with the teachers, seminars, masterclasses are held and the students constantly have direct contact with the teachers.

4. Mux students

The mUX is an online master’s degree , which helps us have students of all nationalities, something that personally makes me very happy. I believe that the collision of different local realities favors innovation and the discovery of new opportunities. There is also a clash of professions, backgrounds and ages along the same lines. If it is true that mUX generally attracts professionals from the creative industries, we also have graduate students, other more techies, and business profiles who work in the digital context.

The mUX favors offers a global vision and tools that complement the profile of students towards a digital approach, from the understanding of context, environments, and their relationship with other points of contact and business vectors for brands.

5. Some advice you would give

Run away from fear, and be true to yourself.