30 love stories in video games that have remained to be remembered

Although in their early days video games were not exactly notable for their elaborate plots, the theme of love, in its many forms, has almost always been present. That is why we have found it fun to review some of the most remembered love stories in video games, in our celebrations for the 30th anniversary of Hobby Consolas.

In the early days of video games, it is true that it was difficult to empathize with a handful of pixels, although we young people in the 70s and 80s had highly developed imaginations. Luckily, the evolution of technology soon made it possible to give more concrete and more credible shapes to those pixels that little by little were gaining colors and forming more complex sprites.

Until we reach the hyper-realistic graphics of today, capable of shrinking us inside and making us drop a tear… And even more than one. Thus, from the first love stories, which could be summarized as a hero who goes to the rescue of a damsel in distress, we have moved on to games in which love is directly the protagonist, as in the recent Maquette or Haven. Here you can read Haven’s analysis and, here, Maquette’s analysis

And, between the two extremes, a little of everything: love stories that give rise to a whole plot, love affairs that arise in the wake of another war, bomb-proof friendships, parents giving everything for their children, revenge, love triangles, forbidden relationships, loves that border on hatred.

It has cost us our lives to be left with only 30 love stories , because in the last 30 years there have been many relationships that have had a deep impact on us. Also, as in real life, not all of us strike a chord with the same stories, the same characters or the same situations. Letting ourselves be carried away by romanticism, among all the members of the editorial team we have drawn up this list in which we are aware that many love stories are missing to remember.

There is everything here, from happy endings, to terrible tragedies, impossible loves or very special friendships. And, when you miss one, do not hesitate to share it in the comments. To share all the same emotion when remembering them. Of course, be careful. Here you will find a good collection of spoilers, so be careful …   

30. Juliet Starling and Nick Carlyle

Beginning of their relationship: 2012 • Place where the spark arose: PS3 – Xbox 360 • Last meeting: Lollipop Chainsaw.

Goichi Suda, aka Suda51, has laughed out loud at love and sex in many of his games. Such was the case of the so-called Gigolo mode of Killer is Dead or, directly, of the plot approach of Lollipop Chainsaw . This hack and slash with zombies starred Juliet Starling, a cheerleader for the San Romero High School team, who, as soon as the adventure began, saw her boyfriend, Nick Carlyle, being bitten by the infected. After telling her, dying, that she would always love her, Juliet cut her head off with a chainsaw and managed to keep her alive so that, hanging from her waist, she would accompany her in her zombie slaughter. If that’s not real love … Here, the analysis of Lollipop Chainsaw.

29. Winston Chu and Peggy Li

 Beginning of their relationship: 2014 •   Place where the spark arose: PS3 – Xbox 360 – PC • Last meeting: Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs is one of the best open-world games ever, thanks to sequences like the wedding one. Wei Shen, the protagonist, was an expert martial arts police officer who had to infiltrate a mafia triad, but ended up fraternizing dangerously with its members, especially Winston Chu and Peggy Li. In several of the missions, it was necessary to help this couple of lovebirds to prepare for their wedding ceremony , which ended up giving rise to one of the best episodes of the adventure, both narratively and playable. Here, the analysis of Sleeping Dogs.

28. Ezio and Sofia

Beginning of their relationship: 2011 • Place where the spark arose: PS3 – Xbox 360 – PC • Last meeting: Assassin’s Creed Revelations

No one can doubt that Ezio Auditore is the most prominent and charismatic protagonist of the already long-lived Assassin’s Creed saga. In his first two games, we saw him mature as a rogue member of the brotherhood and, in the third, already with great experience and wisdom, we saw him travel to Constantinople, where he met Sofia Sartor. She helped him with a book search and they fell in love, after which they returned to Italy and had two children. Without Sofia’s collaboration, perhaps Ezio would never have found Masyaf’s valuable keys. Here, analysis of Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection.

27. Ori and Ku

 Start of their relationship: 2020 • Place where the spark arose: Xbox One – Switch – PC •   Last meeting: Ori and the Will of the Wisps

The friendly relationship between Ori, a forest spirit, and Ku, a newborn owl, was the sweet lynchpin of Ori and the Will of the Wisps, but to understand it in all its dimensions, you had to first have played Ori and the Will of the Blind Forest. Not surprisingly, the friendly and defenseless bird was the daughter of Kuro, the “villain” of that first adventure. The first bars, with Ku fresh out of the nest, were of unspeakable tenderness, enhanced by the music of Gareth Coker; then the game turned into a desperate search for the baby by the endearing Ori. Here, analysis of Ori and the Will of the Wisps and analysis of Ori and the Will of the Blind Forest

26. Max Payne and Mona Sax

 Beginning of their relationship: 2001 • Place where the spark arose: PS2 – Xbox – PC • Last meeting: Max Payne 2

In the adventures of detectives, spies or gangsters, it is very common for there to be some kind of love-hate relationship between members of different factions. A clear example is in the first two installments of the Max Payne saga , where the protagonist (played by Sam Lake himself) had to deal with a murderer named Mona Sax. Initially, the two had their differences, to the point of pointing their pistols at each other, but they ended up cooperating in pursuit of a common goal, not without getting carried away by low instincts at some point or another.

25. Clementine and Lee

Beginning of their relationship: 2012 •   Place where the spark arose: PS3 – Xbox 360 – PC • Last meeting: Telltale’s The Walking Dead

Of the many licenses Telltale Games has managed over the past decade, there has been none more prominent than The Walking Dead. The studio took advantage of the zombie universe of Robert Kirkman’s comics to tell the stark story of Clementine and Lee, two survivors who were on the run to save themselves from the virus. She was an unprotected girl; he, a convicted of murder who ended up becoming a kind of father who taught her to stay alive so that we could see her grow in the following seasons. Here, analysis of Telltale’s The Walking Dead.

24. 2B and 9S

Start of their relationship: 2017 • Place where the spark arose: PS4 – Xbox One – PC • Last meeting: NieR Automata

The NieR saga has left us many moments that sink to the core. If the first installment presented us with the story of a father who was looking for a cure for his daughter’s illness, Automata wounded us with a love relationship as impossible as it was tragic, between 2B and 9S, two androids that could only have come out of the great and peculiar mind of Yoko Taro. Here, Nier Automata review.

23. Survivor and Meatball

 Beginning of their relationship: 1997 • Place where the spark arose: PC • Last meeting: Fallout 4

The dog is man’s best friend, and we have seen it in many video games. Now, the most paradigmatic case is, without a doubt, that of the Fallout saga, in whose installments the survivor on duty has always had the inestimable and faithful company of a dog named Meatball. The Bethesda series is known for aspects such as its post-apocalyptic wasteland settings, its retrofuturistic iconography or the scarcity of resources it faces, but, if we had to stay with only one thing, it would be with Meatball. It is worth that the name is not the most beautiful or inspired in history, but it is always appreciated to have some company in the middle of a desolate wasteland where danger dwells. Here, the analysis of Fallout 4 .

22. BJ Blazkowicz and Anya Oliwa

Beginning of their relationship: 2015 • Place where the spark arose: PS4 – One – PC … • Last meeting: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

The Wolfenstein reset by MachineGames brought with it different changes for this senior saga of subjective shooter. The protagonist remained BJ Blazkowicz, as did the purpose of ending Nazi soldiers and machinery, but the Swedish study raised a love story that began with the fact that a Blazkowicz in a vegetative state was cared for in a psychiatric hospital by a Polish nurse called Anya Oliwa, with whom he had two daughters who would end up starring in their own video game. Here, the analysis of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossu s.

21. Kaim Argonar and Sarah Sisulart

Beginning of their relationship: 2007 • Place where the spark arose: Xbox 360 • Last meeting: Lost Odyssey

It didn’t get the same press as Final Fantasy, but Hironobu Sakaguchi’s RPG Lost Odyssey had nothing to envy those the Japanese creative had spawned at Square Enix. One of its strengths was the “unforgettable” story, since Kaim Argonar, the protagonist, was an immortal man with 1,000 years of hardship behind him and fragile memories. Halfway through the adventure, he was reunited with his former wife, Sarah Sisulart, as well as his two grandchildren, Mack and Cooke, all of whom became part of the group. Games for Love – Top 10 Games to Enjoy – Evergreen.

20. Sora, Kairi and Riku

Beginning of their relationship: 2002 • Place where the spark arose: PS2 • Last meeting: Kingdom Hearts III

From the symbiosis between Square Enix and Disney, only a story as beautiful as that of Kingdom Hearts could come out. Beyond the narrative entanglements or the dual personalities that Tetsuya Nomura has invented, we will always remember the saga for the story of unconditional friendship between Sora, Riku and Kairi or between Sora, Goofy and Donald himself. Here, the analysis of Kingdom Hearts III .

19. James Sunderland and Mary

 Beginning of their relationship: 2002 • Place where the spark arose: PS2 – PC • Last meeting: Silent Hill 2

Although he had already demonstrated his mastery for survival horror with the first Silent Hill, Konami went a step further with the second part, whose protagonist was James Sunderland, a poor devil who traveled to the famous and foggy town after being placed there by his late wife, Mary. The adventure played with remorse and madness, so that there were several endings that depended on the decisions we made, in which a mysterious woman named Maria had a lot to do … instead of Mary. Here, the analysis of Silent Hill 2 .

18. Max Caulfield and Chloe Price

Beginning of their relationship : 2015 • Place where the spark arose: PS4 – One – PC … • Last meeting: Life is Strange: Before the Storm

With Life is Strange, Dontnod Entertainment was revealed as one of the best studios when it comes to making modern adventure adventure games. The setting in a high school and the treatment of various adolescent problems served to wrap the story of Max and Chloe , two girls who were reunited after several years apart. As the episodes progressed, their friendship turned into romance, until reaching the climax of a tough final decision that unleashed a hurricane of moral doubts. Here, the analysis of Life is Strange .

17. Kratos and Atreus

 Beginning of their relationship: 2018 • Place where the spark arose: PS4 • Last meeting: God of War

The jump from the God of War saga to PS4 supposed radical changes, such as the psychological evolution of Kratos, who had to calm his more violent instincts due to the fact that he was a father. Throughout the game, the Spartan had to learn to raise his son Atreus, not without some difficulties to temper his former brutality and not look like a softie. Here, the analysis of God of War. Games for Love – 7 Love in Games with Lot of Love.

16. Kara and Alice

Start of their relationship: 2018 • Place where the spark arose: PS4 – PC • Last meeting: Detroit: Become Human

Father-son relationships have been key in two David Cage games like Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human. We are left with the latter, where the android Kara, one of the three protagonists, had to flee with a girl named Alice. The basis of the adventure was the appearance of human feelings between the androids and, precisely, a mother-daughter relationship was forged between the two , so that the decisions we were making resulted in very different endings. Here, the analysis of Detroit: Become Human.

15. Big Daddies and Little Sisters

Beginning of their relationship: 2007 • Place where the spark arose: PS3 – 360 – PC • Last meeting: BioShock 2

The Rapture utopia of the first two BioShock installments was full of unique elements, such as Andrew Ryan’s dissertations or plasmids. The improvement of these powers was associated with the fact that we collected (or not) ADAM, a substance that could only be extracted from girls called Little Sisters … who were protected by a kind of armored divers called Big Daddies, who only we they attacked if we attacked them before. It might not be love, but the way the Big Daddies protected girls was as fierce as any father defending his son. Here, the analysis of Bioshock 2 .

14. Squally Rinoa

Beginning of their relationship: 1999 • Place where the spark arose: PSOne – PC • Last meeting: Final Fantasy VIII

With the Final Fantasy series alone, we could have already covered half of this report, but we have chosen to choose “just” three of the romances from the veteran Square Enix series. The first of these is the one that Squall Leonhart and Rinoa Heartilly starred in Final Fantasy VIII, the first installment in the series to feature realistic and proportionate graphics for the characters throughout, and not just the CG sequences. Squall’s taciturn character and Rinoa’s joviality worked as polar opposites to attract each other and leave one of the best love stories ever seen in an RPG. Here, the analysis of Final Fantasy VIII .

13. Master Chief and Cortana

 Beginning of their relationship: 2001 • Place where the spark arose: Xbox • Last meeting: Halo 5: Guardians

The Master Chief and Cortana have been flesh and blood throughout virtually the entire Halo saga. Despite the fact that she is only an artificial intelligence, she is endowed with human behaviors, being based on the brain of her creator, Dr. Halsey, which has resulted in a strong bond with John-117 , both in work and in life. the emotional. Not surprisingly, the UNSC super soldier wears it integrated into his helmet, in the form of a chip, and the conversations between them have been the narrative axis of the series since its inception.Here, the analysis of Halo 5: Guardians .

12. John and Abigail Marston

Beginning of their relationship: 2010 • Place where the spark arose: PS3 – Xbox 360 • Last meeting: Red Dead Redemption II

The history of Red Dead Redemption is the history of the Marston family. In the first installment, the head of the family, John, found himself between a rock and a hard place, after the government forced him to cooperate to hunt down members of his former band of outlaws, at the risk that his wife Abigail and her son Jack will have something wrong with them. In the second part, which was actually a prequel, we saw how that position was reached. The epilogues of those two Rockstar games will remain for the annals of history. Here, the analysis of Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption II .

11. Kazuma Kiryu and Haruka Sawamura

Beginning of their relationship: 2005 • Place where the spark arose: PS2 • Last meeting: Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

The Yakuza saga can boast of many benefits, and one of them is the plot continuity between its different installments. Thus, since the first PS2 game, the life of Kazuma Kiryu, a mobster who tries to escape from the criminal underworld without ever succeeding, and Haruka Sawamura, an orphan girl who becomes his daughter adoptive. The five sequels, which covered a span of eleven years, showed the evolution of their relationship, even up to Haruka’s motherhood. Here, the analysis of Yakuza 6 .

10. Cloud, Tifa and Aerith

Beginning of their relationship: 1997 • Place where the spark arose: PSOne – PC • Last meeting: Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII was the first installment of the Square Enix saga that we were able to enjoy in Europe, which contributed to its immense impact. Its story and its characters marked a whole generation, to the point of causing millions of requests for a remake to be made, something that ended up materializing. Part of the charm of the game was in the love triangle that formed between Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart and Aerith Gainsborough, nipped in the bud by Sephirot in that iconic scene. Knowing the changes that Square Enix has applied in the first part of the remake, now we are eager to wonder if the second part will apply even more drastic modifications that alter destiny and bequeath us a new version of the relationship … Here, theFinal Fantasy VII Remake analysis.

9. Geralt de Rivia, Yennefer and Triss

Beginning of their relationship: 2007 • Place where the spark arose : PC • Last meeting: The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Although the universe of The Witcher was born in the literary field, we could not fail to include it because, in the adaptation that CD Projekt RED made of the novels by Andrzej Sapkowski, great importance was given to the trio that make up Geralt of Rivia and the sorceresses Yennefer by Vergenberg and Triss Merigold. Thus, in the video game trilogy, the Polish studio gave us a lot of freedom to determine which one of them the Blaviken Butcher was flirting with, thanks to the possibility of making certain decisions. Far from being a purely aesthetic element, the fact that we forged a greater affinity with one or the other influenced the course of events and, in the case of The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, was one of the factors that determined which of the 36 finals we “touched”.CD Projekt RED was not cut off when it came to introducing risque content, and for the memory will remain that scene of the sexual fantasy of doing it on the back of a unicorn … Here, the analysis of The Witcher 3 on our blog.

8. Vincent, Katherine, Catherine and Qatherine

Beginning of their relationship: 2011 • Place where the spark arose: PS3 – Xbox 360 • Last meeting: Catherine: Full Body

Many of the Atlus sagas have investigated the human psyche, and this could be considered the most relevant regarding relationships or sexuality. Not surprisingly, the game is built around the nightmares suffered by Vincent Brooks, a man whose sentimental doubts begin to corrode when his longtime girlfriend, Katherine, suggests that they should be thinking about marriage.In the original game from 2011, an explosive girl named Catherine appeared on the scene, who was in charge of testing the fidelity of the aforementioned. But that was not enough and, years later, Atlus would release a remastered edition that added new content, mainly a fourth girl, Qatherine. This sweet and innocent young woman, opposed to the strong character of Katherine and Catherine, was one more problem for the troubled mind and the prejudices of Vincent, who had to decide whether to listen to the angel who requests fidelity or the demon who urges to sin. Here, Catherine’s analysis: Full Body.

7 Ico and Yorda

 Beginning of their relationship: 2001 • Place where the spark arose: PS2 • Last meeting: Ico

The three games that Fumito Ueda has directed throughout his life could have been present in this report. In fact, Shadow of the Colossus was built around the interest of the protagonist, Wander, to resurrect his beloved, Mono , to which was added the delicate relationship with his horse, Agro. Similarly, The Last Guardian introduced us to the relationship of increasing trust between a child and a fantastic creature. However, we are left with the Ico link, which was the origin of the particular modus operandi of Fumito Ueda. The PS2 classic revolved around the relationship between Ico and Yorda, two young people who had to escape from a melancholic complex.The protagonist only had one stick and had to prevent the shadows from taking the princess, whom he had to continually help by holding out his hand, a gesture of love as daily as it was beautiful. Here, the analysis of Ico.

6. Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher

 Beginning of their relationship: 2007 • Place where the spark arose: PS3 • Last encounter: Uncharted 4: A thief’s end

With the generational change from PS2 to PS3, Naughty Dog decided to bet on more cinematic adventures that took care of the narrative. This is how Uncharted was born, a kind of Indiana Jones that, in addition to its shootings and platforms, stood out for the charisma of its characters. In the first three games, we saw how the protagonist, Nathan Drake, flirted with a journalist named Elena Fisher, although there was also the treasure hunter Chloe Frazer, which led to a love triangle. However, Drake ended up staying with Elena, something that had a great influence on the fourth installment of the series, The Thief’s End, where we saw them live together (that game to the original Crash Bandicoot in his living room was a little genius). And even better was the epilogue, a real finishing touch for the saga. Here, the analysis of Uncharted 4 .

5. Snake and Eva

 Beginning of their relationship: 2004 • Place where the spark arose: PS2 – Xbox • Last meeting: Metal Gear Solid 3

Although they have never lasted very long, the stories of affection have been a constant in the Metal Gear saga, such as that of Otacon and Sniper Wolf (of impossible love), that of Olga and Sunny (of mother and daughter) or that of Snake and The Boss (as a trainee and mentor). However, the most prominent is the one we live in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater when a Big Boss who was not yet Big Boss met Eva, a spy with a generous bust with whom he can fool the unwary.Although both had their own interests, given the setting in the middle of the Cold War (he was in the service of the United States government and she, that of the Chinese government), the passion between them was a fundamental part of that adventure, considered by many as the most complete of the saga, both for its camouflage gameplay in a Soviet jungle and for its characters and its complex story. Here, the analysis of Metal Gear Solid 3.

4. Link and Zelda

Beginning of their relationship: 1986 • Place where the spark arose: NES • Last meeting: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

It is not usual for a video game saga to be named after a character that we do not handle, but such is the case of The Legend of Zelda, which has been delighting us with its stories for a whopping 35 years, in most of which the Princess Zelda herself and Link must form a tandem to save a kingdom (usually Hyrule) from the yoke of various villains (mainly Ganondorf). In this case, we are not talking about a love relationship itself, but a relationship of trust and friendship between a princess and a hero predestined to save the world. Depending on each installment, Zelda has either joined the action or stayed in the background. We stay with the relationship that the two had in Ocarina of TimeSince it began when they were children and ended when they were adults, seven years later. We also cannot forget the bond they forged in Wind Waker, where Zelda hid her identity under the guise of a rogue pirate. And, although it is her most recent role, her participation in Breath of the Wild cannot be ignored, where we finally hear her speak, although Link was still silent. Here, the analysis of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

3. Mario and Peach

Beginning of their relationship: 1985 • Place where the spark arose: NES • Last meeting: Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

The mission to save the captive princess is a cliché of the manual that many video games have squeezed ad nauseam , but no saga has done it with the fortitude and longevity of Super Mario Bros. Nintendo’s plumber has had to come to the rescue of his beloved Peach, kidnapped by Bowser, countless times. The last time was in Super Mario Odyssey, when, in fact, the king of the Koopa wanted to marry her and good old Mario had to avoid the white ceremony. It is not a shocking and sentimental love story, but many already wish that their relationship would last so long … Here, an analysis of Super Mario Odyssey

2. Tidus and Yuna

Beginning of their relationship: 2001 • Place where the spark arose: PS2 • Last meeting: Final Fantasy X-2

That of Final Fantasy X is a story of love and tragedy like few others. After traveling mysteriously in time, Tidus met Yuna, a young priestess on whom fell the responsibility of saving the world of Spira from a monster named Sinh, at the cost of sacrificing herself. Tidus joined her retinue and managed to avoid that cruel fate for her, but in the end, she vanished to return to the Zanarkand of her time. That final hug on the bow of the Albhed ship or the legendary kiss scene on Lake Macalania, to the melancholic rhythm of Suteki Da Ne, still burn us inside. Then, Final Fantasy X-2 would arrive, but that’s another story. Here, the analysis of Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster

1. Joel and Ellie

Beginning of their relationship: 2013 • Place where the spark arose: PS3 • Last meeting: The Last of Us: Part II

It may be a very recent affective story, but in the writing we have agreed to place it as the one that has penetrated the most deeply, and the explanation, not without plot spoils of the two installments of The Last of Us, is simple. The Naughty Dog saga tells the story of Joel, a smuggler in a world plagued by a virus, and Ellie, an immune young woman who is the key to finding a cure.Joel is tasked with taking her safely to the Fireflies, the organization that can synthesize a vaccine. She does so reluctantly, but as trust grows between them, she begins to see her as a daughter … As the daughter that cruel fate took from her on the day the pandemic broke out. At the end of the first installment, upon learning that the cure would involve Ellie’s death, Joel takes her out of the operating room, even if it means condemning the whole world … All this triggers the events of the second part, where remorse and contradiction take over a story about empathy and an eye for an eye. Masterly. Here, the analysis of The Last of Us and the analysis of The Last of Us Part II