Meaning of name Aroa | Origin of Names, Country etc

Choosing the name of your future son or daughter is one of the most important actions you will take in your life. Think that he will carry that name that you have chosen throughout his life and that this will partly determine his personality and character. That is why we always recommend thoroughly investigating all the names that exist until you find the one you really like.

There are hundreds of beautiful girl names to choose from, such as Aroa. But what is the meaning of the name Aroa? How is your personality? The name of a person is decisive to know it so, next, we know what the meaning of the name Aroa is in ParaBebés, her saints or how many other girls and women bear this name in Spain.

What does Aroa mean?

Aroa’s name means ‘time’ or ‘right time’ . Etymologically, the Aroa comes from ‘ARA’, which means ‘good will’, and ‘AROHA’ which means ‘good time’.

It is a very strong and popular name in recent years, despite the fact that in ancient times many people, both men and women, bore this name.

Origin of the name Aroa

There are several theories about the origin of Aroa’s name. Some of these theories state that Aroa is a name of Basque or Germanic origin , while other theories say that it is a name of Moorish origin and that, in this case, its meaning is related to love.

We find the name of Aroa around the world and not only in Spain. In South America, especially in Venezuela, it is quite a popular name. So much so that even a river bears this name.

Diminutives and variations of the name Aroa

Aroa’s name has no diminutive and very few variations. It is a name that does not undergo too many changes in its form.

  • Aroha: It is the only known variant of the name Aroa at the moment.

The name Aroa in other languages

Aroa’s name in other languages ??is exactly the same as in Spanish. It does not undergo any type of change.

  • English: The variation of the name is Aroa.
  • French: It is known as Aroa.
  • Italian: Aroa is said.
  • German: The variation is still Aroa.

Personality of the name Aroa

Women who are called Aroa usually have a very charismatic personality, full of vitality and wit . She is a nice and very sweet woman in most cases, hence she is a very sociable person. Aroa has a very special and generous sensitivity, which makes her have a perfect personality to help other people.

He loves tranquility and solitude . He likes to enjoy his own time despite being a very social person. If you need space, you will not hesitate to ask for it, as you have a very independent personality.

Of course, despite that facility to relate to others, Aroa is a distrustful woman. It will not be easy for her to open up completely with a person she does not know very well. She needs a lot of time to find out if she can fully trust a person.

Aroa’s personality is very positive . He is a very cheerful and imaginative person, so he is very easy to carry out any type of activity or work. No matter what it is, Aroa will be able to do it by being a very decisive person.

She is very dynamic and has great leadership skills, so it is not surprising that she holds positions of great importance in the world of work. He is very perfectionist , especially in the workplace.

In the sentimental field, Aroa wants to be a free woman. Her partner will have to understand that she needs to have her own space and that she doesn’t like to be controlled too much. She is looking for someone who loves her as she is, not who controls her life.

Celebrities with the name Aroa

Although not many celebrities bear the name of Aroa, there are some well-known celebrities who bear Aroa by name:

  • Aroa Gimeno : Spanish actress well known for her novels. (Appears in the image.)
  • Aroa Berrozpe : She is an outstanding monologist who has been performing on stage for years.
  • Aroa Durán : famous writer who won the Critical Eye of Narration award in 2017.

Day of the Saint of Aroa

Aroa’s day is celebrated on July 5 , even though Aroa is still not considered a saint to this day.

Numerology Of The Name Aroa

Numerology helps us to know a little more about a person’s personality. In the case of the name Aroa , its number is 1 , which denotes a person with a lot of energy and resolve, since they will be able to deal with any situation correctly.

Popularity of the first name Aroa

According to the data registered in the National Institute of Statistics, today there are 20,834 women who bear the name of Aroa in Spain , with an average of 16.8 years. This means that it is a name that has been in trend relatively recently, although now it is less common to hear it in newborn babies.

It is a common name in the following provinces:

  • to Coruna.
  • Lugo.
  • Pontevedra.
  • Navarra.
  • Guadalajara.
  • Castellón.

At the same time, the name of Aroa is almost nonexistent in some provinces, such as the following:

  • Jaén
  • Córdoba.
  • Lleida.
  • Girona.
  • Murcia
  • Almeria.

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