Meaning of name Bella | Origin of Names, Country etc

Will you have a daughter? Congratulations! The expectation of a baby, regardless of gender, creates a lot of happiness and desire to meet him/her and make sure he/she has everything he/she needs, so it is essential to prepare everything for his/her arrival, and one of the most important things to plan is, without a doubt, the name of the baby.

There are thousands of options to name a specific girl , however, today we will talk about a very special one, Bella, whose meaning is beautiful and charming , so we are sure that after reading this article, you will want to name your little girl like that. immediately. In paraBaby, we will tell you about the meaning of the name Bella , as well as where this incredible name comes from, as well as other information that will interest you. Let’s get started! Bella is a girl’s name .

what does beautiful mean

We begin this article with an essential fact that we want you to know: the meaning of the name Bella. This beautiful name has 2 important meanings: the first is in French and of Latin origin, which is ” she who is the bearer of beauty “. On the other hand, the second is in Arabic, in which the name Bella is synonymous with a very good omen.

In this article you will find a compilation of the most beautiful girl names .

Origin of the name Belle

Let’s see what is the origin of this beautiful girl’s name, short, feminine and elegant. Bella is a name of both Hebrew and Latin origin , which refers to Our Lady of Beauty, patron saint of the municipality of the Huelva province in Andalusia.

Diminutives and variations of the name Bella

Now, it is important to mention that Bella’s name as such is a diminutive form of the following names:

  • Isabel
  • Isabella
  • Anabella

On the other hand, because, as mentioned before, the name Bella is an abbreviation of the previously mentioned names, it only has one diminutive, which is:

  • Nice

Bella’s name in other languages

Now, we will talk about the different ways to pronounce or write this magical name in some very popular languages:

  • Belle in French: Belle
  • Bella in Italian: Isabella or Anabella
  • Bella in Spanish: Isabel

Personality of the name Bella

Now let’s move on to another interesting fact, the personality that people with this name have. Women named Bella are calm people , who constantly seek peace, so you will never see Bella in the middle of a fight or creating any kind of conflict. In addition, they are considered charismatic and loving people with all those around them, so when they find love, they will have no problem giving themselves and giving everything for their loved ones to avoid disappointing them.

Two of the most important characteristics of these charming women is that they have very good luck at all times, and the other is that they care about everything that happens in their environment, not only with those close to them, but with the whole society. . For this reason, Bella will always look for ways to help and contribute voluntarily to solve everything that affects her without asking for anything in return.

Lastly, Bella is usually a reserved person so she creates a positive sense of mystery that pleases everyone who meets her. Likewise, she is a curious person who loves to learn and discover new things , so she will ask you thousands of questions to quench her thirst for curiosity, in addition to the fact that you will see her in a constant search to learn or read new things, for the same reason, always It will be entertaining to have a conversation with them since you will have an incredible time.

Celebrities with the name Bella

In this section, we will talk about the different celebrities or characters with this same name:

  • Belle: fictional character from the famous Disney animated film, Beauty and the Beast.
  • Bella Dayne : actress originally from Germany, who has become known for television series such as Piebs, Humans, among others.
  • Bella Hadid: American model recognized worldwide for her participation in campaigns such as Victoria’s Secret, Dior, among others.
  • Bella Swan: Ppotagonist of the famous Twilight saga played by actress Kristen Stewart. She appears in the image.
  • Bella Thorne: American actress, singer, and director who debuted on the popular Disney series Shake It Up.

Bella’s Saint’s Day

The Saint of Bella’s day is celebrated on August 15 .

Numerology of the name Bella

According to numerology, the number that corresponds to the name Bella is 5 .

Popularity of the first name Bella

Finally and to finish this article about the name Bella, we will mention the popularity that this name has been gaining only in Spain. According to the National Institute of Statistics of Spain, there are a total of 1,366 women with the name Bella, with the average age of 43.7 years . Next, we will tell you which are the areas and provinces where this charming name is chosen the most, which are:

  1. Huelva
  2. Barcelona
  3. Sevilla
  4. Madrid
  5. Cádiz
  6. Valencia