Meaning of name Charles | Origin of Names, Country etc

Carlos has been a very popular name throughout history. Many kings and famous people have carried it, in fact, it has more than 50 variations in different languages. If you are expecting a child, the name Carlos will be perfect for him, because its meaning is related to “free man”, as well as strength and creativity.

In this paraBebes article, you will be able to find the meaning of the name Carlos , his Saints, numerology and even the number of inhabitants in Spain who currently have him as a first name, so your decision will be much easier knowing everything related to him. Carlos is a boy’s name .

What does Carlos mean?

Carlos is a name that has a powerful meaning, since it is associated with “free man” or also with “masculine, virile and strong man”. In addition, it is considered the hypocoristic of Karl, and has historically been a name widely used in different royal houses throughout Europe.

Origin of the name Charles

From an etymological point of view, the name Carlos derives from the medieval Latin Carolus, which in turn comes from the German Karl and whose meaning translates as “free man”. Although there are also those who give it the meaning of “virile, strong and masculine”.

His fame began to become notorious throughout Europe in medieval times, by the famous “Charles the Great” or Charlemagne. From there, many Royal Houses have designated their members with this name. For this reason, it can be affirmed that Carlos is a given name with a greater presence, mainly in the aristocracy. For example, France has had a total of 10 kings named Carlos, England 2, Sweden a total of 16 monarchs with that name, and Spain 5, considering King Juan Carlos I.

Diminutives and variations of the name Carlos

This name has different diminutives and variations. The most frequent are:

  • Carlo
  • Charles
  • Carles
  • Charlys
  • Charly
  • Charlesy
  • Charle

The name Carlos in other languages

The form of the name Carlos changes depending on the language with which it is used. Let’s see the variations of the name Carlos in other languages:

  • Catalan : Carlos
  • German : Karl, Carl
  • Czech : Karel
  • French : Charles
  • Finnish : Kaarlo
  • Danish : Karl, Carl
  • English : Charles, Carl
  • Norwegian : Karl, Carl
  • Húngaro : Károly
  • Sueco: Karl, Carl

Personality of the name Carlos

Carlos is a sociable, friendly boy with incredible creativity . He is noble and sincere. One of Carlos’ most admirable skills is that he possesses great determination and firmness to mediate his interpersonal relationships. He doesn’t like things halfway. He is always guided by good values, norms and established rules , that is why he is someone very well behaved and with outstanding chivalry.

As for the friendly level, Carlos is very interested in people who are unconventional and who are willing to adventure. In fact, he is a great adventurer himself . Likewise, he is a friend willing to give everything for those who have earned his trust, but don’t even think of betraying him, because if you do, you will meet his hostile side. In addition to that, they tend to get offended very easily if attention is not given to them when they demand it.

At work, they tend to opt for unconventional professions that involve great challenges, such as aviators, politicians, pilots or architects. However, because they have a somewhat inflexible character , they may feel uncomfortable when a co-worker does not agree with them in any idea or project they raise. But since he doesn’t like arguments, his reaction will always be to avoid conflict.

With his family, Carlos is very fraternal and extremely close . He loves to invent some excuse to meet them and share in different activities. He is also very quick to adapt to changes. Consequently, he is not a routine or boring person, on the contrary, he likes challenges and works hard to achieve success.

Celebrities with the name Carlos

  • Carlos Areces: renowned Spanish actor.
  • Carlos Bardem: actor and writer of Spanish origin.
  • Carlos Gardel: Argentine tango singer.
  • Karl Marx – German-born philosopher and economist. (Appears in the image.)
  • Carlos Sainz: Spanish car driver.
  • Charles Dickens – British fiction writer.
  • Charles Darwin – Important English naturalist and researcher.

Charles Saint’s Day

For the onomastic calendar, Carlos’s day is November 4 , in homage to San Carlos de Borromeo, Cardinal and Archbishop of Milan in the year 1584.

Numerology of the name Carlos

For numerology, Carlos is identified with the number 3 .

Popularity of the first name Charles

Throughout Europe and America Carlos is very popular. Specifically, in Spain there are 278,297 men who bear this name. The average age of them is between 39 and 40 years old, so it follows that it has become valid again in recent decades.

The communities where the name Carlos is most common are:

  • Valladolid
  • Ávila
  • Madrid
  • Guadalajara
  • Teruel
  • Zaragoza
  • Huesca