Meaning of name Charlotte | Origin of Names, Country etc

Regardless of the sex your child is going to have, expecting a baby is one of the happiest stages of every woman’s life. During this waiting period, it is important to leave many things prepared and ready to welcome the little one in the family. Thus, one of the most important things is the name that the baby will bear.

Are you expecting a girl? We know that there are thousands of options for female names and surely you already have a long list of some of them, all you have to do is choose the one you like the most. At paraBebés, we want to talk to you about the meaning of the name Carlota , its origin, how popular the name is, the personality your girl could have if she received this name, her saint and its diminutives and variants, among endless curious facts that you may find lead you to choose this pretty name for your little girl. Carlota is a girl’s name .

What does Charlotte mean?

It is curious to know that Carlota is the feminine name of Carlos and means “strong and courageous woman” , so from this meaning we can already deduce a lot about Carlota’s personality.

Origin of the name Charlotte

The name Carlota comes from the German “Karl” which means “endowed with intelligence” or “one who is strong and with character”.

Diminutives and variations of the name Carlota

People named Carlota may also be nicknamed Carloti, Carlotita, Carlo, or Carli . Carlota’s variant is Carla and Carolina .

The name Charlotte in other languages

In English, French and German Carlota is synonymous with Charlotte .

Personality of the name Charlotte

Carlota is a physically strong person but above all mentally, as can be deduced from the meaning of her name. In addition, she is a fun woman who always likes to make her friends laugh, because Carlota loves to make jokes and tell jokes, an aspect that can sometimes seem immature or childish, but the truth is that Carlota hides a more mature personality than usual. what it seems

Carlota sets out to meet all the goals she sets for herself and faces all problems calmly and with a lot of focus, she is not afraid of anything, and her strong and courageous character is born from this personality .

In terms of love, Carlota always needs to have a partner to feel safe, a trait that could perhaps be a bit negative since it would be dealing with emotional dependence. However, when she falls in love, she becomes the most faithful support of her boyfriend or husband, whether with caresses, with words of love and motivation or with advice, Carlota usually becomes the right hand of her partner and enjoys pleasing him .

On the other hand, Carlota is a faithful lover of animals , especially dogs and cats, so she will always have to live with one. Her passion for animals may lead her to pursue careers in biology or veterinary medicine. In addition, another noteworthy feature of Carlota is that she is a very family-oriented woman and dedicated especially to her children, she would leave anything, including work issues, to take care of them and dedicate time to them.

Celebrities with the name Charlotte

  • Carlota Corredera : TV presenter and director, directs the Telecinco program “Sálvame”.
  • Charlotte Casiraghi : Daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco.
  • Carlota García Mendo : Spanish actress who appears in the series “El Internado”.
  • Carlota Boza : Spanish actress who appears in the series “La que se avecina”. She appears in the image.

Saint Charlotte’s Day

Carlota’s Saint is July 3 .

Numerology of the name Charlotte

According to numerology, 7 is the lucky number for women named Carlota.

Popularity of the first name Charlotte

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics, today Spain has 28,220 people registered with the name Carlota , which is equivalent to 1,300 people for every thousand women. The data shows that from 2011 to 2019 the number of people born with this name has been progressively increasing, starting in 2011 with 19,600 people. It is more common in the following provinces:

  • A Coruna
  • Pontevedra
  • Asturias
  • Cantabria
  • Zaragoza

On the other hand, there are more than 150 foreign women with the name Carlota, the data has also risen progressively since 2014, the year in which there was a drop in registrations with this name in Spain. Also, the average age of this name is 17.3 years , which shows that Carlota is very common in young people and, therefore, it is a classic that has not gone out of style and continues to be one of the most chosen names today.

Finally, with respect to the countries where Carlota is most common, Spain and Latin American countries stand out, although it is also widely used in the United Kingdom, France and Germany, especially the latter because Carlota is of German origin.