Meaning of name Christian The name Cristian evokes the purest of

The name Cristian evokes the purest of the Christian faith, since it means “the man who follows God”. In addition, it denotes bravery, honesty and decency. Therefore, it is a beautiful alternative to name your future baby. Cristian is a very popular name in Europe and Latin America and, when pronounced, it has a melodic and natural sound. So that you know the meaning of the name Cristian , in this article you will see its origin, Santoral, numerology and personality , so you will have all the information you are looking for, and you may even decide on this name for your baby.

What does Christian mean?

The name Cristian is deeply linked to Christianity and means “the man who follows Christ” or “the man who follows God”, decency and honor being the qualities that are related to this symbolic name.

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Cristian is a very popular name. In fact, he is carried by many famous personalities in the sports, entertainment and literary fields. He is also carried by most kings and princes of Denmark.

Origin of the name Christian

Cristian’s name is of Greek origin, it comes from ?????????? which means the “anointed one” . Then it gave rise to its Latin variant christianus , which translates as “Christian” , until the current adaptation in Spanish, which is Cristian. By its etymology it is translated as “the follower of Christ”.

Diminutives and variations of the name Cristian

The diminutives and variations of the name Cristian:

  • Chris
  • Chris
  • Christian
  • Christina
  • Christian
  • Christiane
  • Christian
  • Christ

The name Christian in other languages

Let’s know what the name of Cristian is in other languages:

  • Spanish : Christian, Christian
  • German: Christian
  • Catalan: Christian
  • Czech: Kristian
  • Croatian: Kristian
  • Danish: Christian
  • Slovenian: Kristjan
  • Finnish: Kristian
  • French: Chrétien, Christian
  • Galician : Christian
  • English: Christian
  • Italian : Christian
  • Latin: Christianus
  • Portuguese: Cristiano, Cristião
  • Russian: ????????
  • Ukrainian: ????????.

Personality of the name Christian

Cristian has a somewhat stubborn personality. He likes to always be right , but he will spare no effort in apologizing if he is wrong in his ideas. Deep down, he is a sociable being and hates injustice. He has an adventurous spirit for business and constantly renews himself to make his projects shine. He knows how to gain leadership among his teammates very well and has a tireless countenance, which will make him go after his goals until he achieves what he sets out to do.On the love plane, Cristian is noble and passionate . He will have many conquests, but only for one will he give himself completely in body and soul. He is a person who believes in true love and is inclined towards the woman who understands him and accompanies him in all his ideas.With his friends he is very exclusive. He doesn’t usually have large amounts of friends, and the few he does have are the ones that have been with him for a long time in his life. He is characterized by giving everything when it is necessary, but he always expects the reciprocity of affection and affection. It will be interesting to know more about Samiel Name Meaning and What Does It Means.

In studies and in the workplace he is intelligent and prepared . He likes the technical and finance areas. He will always try to become independent by forming his own company, since he does not support the idea of ??enriching others. He likes to live the good life. Therefore, he does not mind spending everything necessary to live well.

In the family, Cristian is a good example of what it is to be a good father . She strives from early on to instill values ??and good habits in her children. They will always have your support. Although they are far from home, Cristian will always guide them so that they do not make the same mistakes that he could make when he was younger.

Celebrities named Christian

  • Christian Dior : French-born fashion designer and owner of the famous Dior firm. (Appears in the image.)
  • Cristian Castro – Famous Mexican actor, singer and songwriter.
  • Christian Slater : renowned American film actor.
  • Christian Bale: British film actor.
  • Christian Louboutin , creator of women’s footwear of French origin.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo : Portuguese footballer, striker at Real Madrid.
  • Cristian Gálvez: actor and television presenter in Spain.
  • Christian Hans Andersen – Danish-born poet and literary writer.

Christian Saint’s Day

According to Catholic saints, on November 12 St. Christian is venerated, who was a hermit martyr from Poland who died in the year 1005.

Numerology of the name Christian

For numerology, 3 is the number associated with Cristian, which is connected with communicative people who express their ideas. It also represents those who are expert speakers, with artistic personalities and entrepreneurs.

Popularity of the first name Christian

Cristian’s name is well known by believers of the Catholic faith in Europe and Latin America. But its popularity has been extrapolated to other latitudes and world religions, where it has been very well accepted.

Only in Spain there are about 55,084 men with the name of Cristian, and with an average age of 25 years .

The Spanish communities with the most people bearing the name Cristian are the following:

  • Cadiz
  • Alicante
  • Basin
  • Saragossa
  • Tarragona
  • Barcelona
  • Castellon