Meaning of name Edurne | Origin of Names, Country etc

Are you looking for the ideal name for your future girl? In that case, surely you have in mind a long list of your favorite female names and you will already find yourself undecided between several of them. While at the same time you are immersed in other important preparations awaiting the arrival of your baby, we want to help you with this difficult but important decision of choosing the perfect name for the beautiful girl to be born. We will tell you the most curious and interesting facts about one of the most beautiful names today.

Nowadays, there are thousands of names for girls, but before opting for any of them, it is very important to know their meaning because depending on it, this will be the personality of your baby. Did you know that Edurne means purity and white as snow? In this paraBaby article, precisely, we want to talk to you about the meaning of the name Edurne , a great symbol of whiteness and we believe that, therefore, it means the greatest perfection for your future baby. We tell you the origin of this name, its numerology, diminutives and variants, as well as its personality and popularity , among other data. If you are looking for the ideal name for your little girl, after reading this article you will see that the name Edurne is a very good option. Edurne is a girl’s name .

What does Edurne mean?

The name Edurne means snow, purity and whiteness in Basque. What would be understood as pure and white as snow.

Origin of the name Edurne

Edurne is a feminine name of Basque origin and its use is due to one of the invocations of the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of the Snows .

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Diminutives and variations of the name Edurne

The name Edurne has no known diminutives, although its variant where it comes from is Nieves and in masculine it is used as Eder .

The name Edurne in other languages

  • Spanish: Nieves
  • Catalan: Neus
  • Galician: Neves
  • Inglés: Marie-Neige
  • Italian: Maria della Neve

Personality of the name Edurne

Edurne is a strong, stable and organized person . He is also detailed and energetic but very independent, a quality that he demonstrates in all the activities or responsibilities to which he does not give himself completely, since Edurne always prefers to keep a little of his experiences for her own privacy. he. In love she is a bit possessive and dominant , she likes to be admired and loved by her partner, so she is a person who has a hard time finding her better half, she is very demanding in love. However, once she finds a partner, she likes commitment and knowing that she can count on this person for life.

A defect that Edurne has is that, although she has a stable personality, she can undergo changes and variations that cause her to have many internal conflicts. On the other hand, although she may seem a little shy at first, she is a very sociable and outgoing person , she loves meeting people and has no problem talking to anyone, she is a woman that everyone likes. Edurne is a friend of her friends and you can always count on her for whatever you need.

Celebrities with the name Edurne

  • Edurne García Almagro : Spanish singer. (Appears in the image.)
  • Edurne Portela : Spanish historian and novelist.
  • Edurne Pasaban : Spanish mountaineer.

Day of the Saint of Edurne

The Santoral shows that the saint associated with Edurne is on August 5 as a tribute to Santa Educrneg.

Numerology Of The Name Edurne

The number that corresponds to Edurne is 2 , as is the case with the name Nieves.

Popularity of the first name Edurne

Currently, 8,016 women called “Edurne” live in Spain . In the ranking of Spanish names, the name “Edurne” occupies position 677 out of a total of 49,936 names. In this sense, it is a rare name in Spain, which only represents 0.01548% of the country’s population. It can be said that one of every 6,459 people in Spain is called “Edurne” .

On average, people called Edurne in Spain are 27 years old . It is a relatively young name compared to the average Spanish age, which is 42 years old. People who have this name are usually young women who are students or already mothers but with babies or young children. On the other hand, the provinces that register more women with the name Edurne are:

  • Navarra
  • Guipuzcoa
  • Biscay
  • Guadalajara
  • Teruel
  • Castilla la Mancha

After having read all the descriptive data of Edurne, which make it a name with its own personality and full of whiteness and purity, and after having verified that it is a very young name in Spain, surely you have already decided to call Edurne Your little. Also, keep in mind that the low popularity of this name in Spain makes it more striking and original .