Meaning of name Elsa | Origin of Names, Country etc

The arrival of a baby is one of the most exciting stages of life. The most usual thing is that you start with the preparations to receive the new member of the family, and choosing the name that she will carry for life is one of the most important tasks. If you are expecting a girl, there is a long list of options to choose the one you like the most and Elsa is one of the names that has been very popular lately. Its meaning is very beautiful, since it is associated with “the one who is cared for by God”.

In this paraBaby article, we want to talk to you about the meaning of the name Elsa , her saints, what are some of her diminutives and variations, and what kind of personality the girl who receives this name could have. After seeing all this information, it is possible that you opt for it for your little girl. Elsa is a girl’s name .

The name Elsa means “God is abundance” or also “the one who is protected by God” . Other translations of it is “consecrated to God”, so with this meaning you can already imagine the powerful personality that this emblematic name contains.

Origin of the name Elsa

The name Elsa has its origin in the Hebrew word Elisheba , which is made up of El which means God and Sheba which is the number 7 of perfection. That is why she is literally translated as “She who bears the perfection of God” or “She who is protected by God.”

Elsa is the hypocoristic for Elisa or Elizabeth, and it is a name that has gained great popularity since medieval times, because it was carried by many princesses and queens throughout Europe.

Diminutives and variations of the name Elsa

Being a name with widespread use, there are many variants and diminutives for Elsa, some of them are:

  • Elsy
  • Else
  • Elsie
  • Elisa
  • Elise
  • Elspet
  • Elspeth
  • Ilsa
  • Ilse
  • Is it over there
  • Elsita

The name Elsa in other languages

The variants of the name of Elsa in different languages ??are:

  • Catalan : Elsa
  • French : Else
  • Italian : Elsi


Personality of the name Elsa

Elsa is a determined, strong and persistent woman . Her bravery is one of the characteristics that stands out the most about her. Likewise, she is a dreamer and with hundreds of ideas always going around in her head, since she has an idealistic and risky spirit. Creativity is one of Elsa’s most powerful qualities.

If we talk about his character, he is generally very nice and has a good sense of humor . The people they like to surround themselves with are those who share their creative vision and who help them expand their knowledge as much as possible. For Elsa her word is something sacred, if she offers something she will do everything in her power to look good.

In the professional field, Elsa never leaves anything for tomorrow, since she is proactive and persevering . Due to her great imagination, she opts for artistic or aesthetic careers such as architecture, music, art or writing. However, her insatiable taste for knowledge sometimes makes her go for the scientific professions.

As for the love field, the so-called Elsa are usually somewhat flirtatious and very careful of their partner. They like to maintain a relationship based on mutual trust. If they have a doubt, they will openly discuss it with her partner to solve that situation. Another thing that defines Elsa in love is that she is demanding and she always tries to find a perfect partner.

On the other hand, for Elsa her family is a priority . She considers it to be the most precious treasure she has and that is why she always finds time to be with her family.

Celebrities with the name Elsa

  • Elsa Pataky: Spanish producer, journalist and model, famous for her participation in several TV series. (Appears in the image.)
  • Elsa Morante : famous Italian novelist and writer.
  • Elsa Cross – Noted Mexican poet and essayist, author of several books.
  • Elsa Einstein – Cousin and second wife of the genius Albert Einstein.
  • Elsa de Arendel: fictional character from the Disney movie frozen.
  • Elsa Triolet: French essayist and writer.
  • Elsa Lunhgini : French singer and actress.

Elsa’s Saint’s Day

Elsa’s saint is January 4 .

Numerology of the name Elsa

According to numerology, Elsa’s name corresponds to 1 , and is associated with independence, discipline, strength and temperament.

Popularity of the first name Elsa

In Spain there are 16,828 women with the name of Elsa and their average age is 30 years.

It can be said that the trend of its use is resumed again in recent decades.

Looking at the map below, it is evident that the provinces in which the number of users of this name is greater are:

  • Palencia
  • Valladolid
  • Ávila
  • Cantabria
  • Burgos
  • Riojas
  • Girona