Meaning of name Ines | Origin of Names, Country etc

Do you want to know everything about the name Inés? In addition to being one of the most popular short girl names in Spain, Inés is a beautiful and elegant name . It has several meanings and origins and best of all: it is one of the few girl’s names in Spain that does not have an ‘a’. Specifically, there are currently 62,506 women named Inés in Spain, which means that it is a popular name and chosen for its beauty.

Discover more about the meaning of the name Inés , its origin, personality and celebrities who have this name in paraBebés. You will love knowing where the name Inés and all its variations in different languages ??are most popular. Ines is a girl’s name .

What does Ines mean?

Inés has several meanings depending on the origin: the first meaning is ” she who is pure or chaste ” and the second meaning of Inés is ” lamb “.

Origin of the name Ines

The origin attributed to Inés is Greek , hence its main meaning of “pure and chaste”. However, in Latin agnus can refer to its meaning of lamb, a symbol of innocence.

Diminutives and variations of the name Inés

Inés is a short name, so it does not have diminutives .

However, the expressions “Inesita” or “Ness” can be used with affection.

The name Ines in other languages

Unlike other names, the name of Inés has multiple variants in other languages:

  • Catalan : Agnes
  • Euskera : Substances
  • English : Agnes
  • French : Agnès
  • German : Agnete
  • Portuguese : Inês
  • Italian : Agnese
  • Polish : Agnieszka
  • Checo : Agnes

Personality of the name Ines

Women named Inés are elegant and observant . Their curiosity has no limits and they have an enviable willpower. She is a very faithful person to her friends and family, so she needs that bond to be the best version of her. Inés usually defends her own in any situation and with great elegance.

In addition, they are people with great strength, dynamism and character. She is nice and funny with everyone who shares time with her, but she will never leave aside her warrior spirit that makes her pursue all her goals. They are people with a lot of intuition and observers of the smallest details of others.

Not only does she stand out for her energy on a personal level, in love Inés is also a dedicated and loved person. The most important thing for her is to assert herself and that the person who accompanies her loves her passionately. She usually asks for excessive affection from others, she needs to feel valued and be the center of attention of her partner.

Celebrities with the name Ines

Among the famous with the name Inés, the following stand out:

  • Inés Sainz : Spanish model and businesswoman winner of Miss Spain 1997. (Appears in the image)
  • Inés Sastre : Spanish model and actress.
  • Inés Gómez Mont : Mexican television presenter and model.
  • Inés Ballester : Spanish journalist and presenter.
  • Inés Ortega : writer and author of the best-seller 1080 cooking recipes .

Day of the Saint of Agnes

The day of Santa Inés is celebrated on January 21 , in homage to Santa Inés of Rome, a virgin martyred by the persecution of Diocletian.

Numerology of the name Ines

According to numerology, Agnes’s number is 6 and symbolizes justice.

Popularity of the first name Ines

According to the INE, in Spain there are currently 62,506 people named Inés. This name is quite abundant in the north of Spain and the average age of women named Inés is 35.2 years.

Next, as the map shows, you will know the provinces where Inés is most popular:

  • Valladolid
  • Soria
  • Lugo
  • Burgos
  • Asturias
  • Segovia
  • Palencia