Meaning of name Jennifer | Origin of Names, Country etc

When you are expecting a baby, one of the most important preparations until his birth is the decision of the name that he will bear throughout his life. If you already know that you will have a girl, surely you will be undecided among a long list of names that seem perfect for your little girl. However, among all of them, which can be the most ideal name?

We always like to give you ideas of the most perfect names for your baby based on real data and characteristics. For this reason, in this paraBaby article today we want to tell you the meaning of the name Jennifer , one of the most beautiful and popular names worldwide, as well as one of the most current. We tell you its origin, diminutives and variations, how it is said in other languages, personality, popularity and other very interesting data. We are sure that this information will convince you to name your baby Jennifer.

What does Jennifer mean?

Jennifer is one of the most popular female names today. She means ” the one with a luminous spirit ” and “the one who is pure and just”, but it also has a meaning associated with the ideal of beauty. The use of this name has spread in recent decades in the United States, where it was made famous by the film actress Jennifer Jones, thus becoming a very popular name.

Origin of the name Jennifer

This name originates from Welsh and is a variant of the name Geneva. Its etymology comes from a Cornish variant. It began to be widely used in the eighteenth century.

Diminutives and variations of the name Jennifer

From the name Jennifer come the following diminutives:

  • Jenny
  • Jenn
  • new
  • Just

The name Jennifer in other languages

  • German : Jennifer, Genoveva
  • Cornish : Jenifry
  • Inglés : Genevieve
  • Galés : Vinegar
  • Galician : Xenoveva
  • Greek : Genovefa
  • Inglés: Guinevere, Jennifer, Genevieve
  • Italian : Geneva

Personality of the name Jennifer

Jennifer has a leadership personality , loves being number one at everything, and has a great entrepreneurial spirit . She has a pretty high ego and that’s why she loves to be the center of attention, to be admired and watched. On the other hand, she is a very demanding person with herself but also with others. She loves receiving affection but also giving it. She is quite a woman in love , a reason that on numerous occasions has led her to be the victim of great disappointments.

On the other hand, Jennifer is very involved in just causes, she loves helping others and is dedicated to charitable work. She feels powerless in the face of the suffering of others and likes to collaborate with disadvantaged people. She cares about the happiness of her family and friends and, therefore, closeness to the world is one of her most outstanding qualities.

Celebrities named Jennifer

  • Jennifer Lopez : American actress
  • Jennifer Aniston : American actress.
  • Jennifer Lawrence : American actress.
  • Jennifer Morrison : American actress.
  • Jennifer Connelly : American actress.

Jennifer’s Saint’s Day

Jennifer’s calendar is January 3 .

Numerology of the name Jennifer

In numerology, 9 is Jennifer’s number because of her humanitarian , self-sacrificing, idealistic, altruistic, devoted and romantic personality.

Popularity of the first name Jennifer

From 1970 to 1990, the feminine name Jennifer remained in the first place of the most used in the United States, Canada and Mexico, a popularity that decreased considerably at the end of the last century. This popularity has resumed with unusual force since 2005 until being placed in this 2019, in the top 30 of the female names with the greatest presence in the world.

Specifically, in Spain there are 19,486 women with the name Jennifer , with an average age of 27 years, which means that it is a modern and youthful name that still does not go out of style. On the other hand, according to the National Institute of Statistics, the order of popularity of the name Jennifer is more common in the following areas:

  • Asturias
  • Lion
  • Galicia
  • Tarragona
  • Barcelona
  • Caceres

The incidence is significantly lower in the south of Spain, specifically in Andalusia, although Almería registers a high percentage of women with the name Jennifer. For much of Aragón, Navarra and La Rioja the number of people with this name is also considerably low. Finally, Madrid, despite being the capital and one of the communities with the largest population, only registers 70% of people with this name.

With these popularity data, and already knowing the meaning of the name and other important characteristics, we are sure that you will decide to call your little girl Jennifer. The concept of beauty and illumination that this name gives off, as well as its young and modern essence and supportive, romantic and humanitarian personality make the name of Jennifer one of the most ideal for your future girl.