Meaning of name Laura | Origin of Names, Country etc

One of the most important steps when you are going to have a baby is to choose the name you want it to bear. Whether it is a girl or a boy, it is possible that you are undecided between a long list of names and, at this point, the ideal is to inform yourself about the meaning of each one of them so that you can choose the one that best suits you. your preferences, style and tastes.

In this paraBaby article, you will find the meaning of the name Lara , a classic that never goes out of style in Spain. We explain the origin of Lara, personality, saints, popularity and other curious and important information about this name. Lara is a girl’s name .

What does Laura mean?

The name Lara means “home protector goddess” , but it can also be attributed the meaning of “woman who protects her home”, “the one who watches over her family” or simply “the protector”.

origin of the name Laura

The name Lara is originally from the Greek and comes from the word “?????” which means “to speak” . Although it is a name with a long history, dating back to ancient Greece and, therefore, it is very classic, its worldwide popularization took place during the last century as a result of the classic Tomb Raider video game starring the warrior Lara Croft.

Diminutives and variations of the name Lara

The name Lara comes from Larissa, a variant that is not so common in Spain, but is predominant in European countries such as France, Italy and England. On the other hand, those girls named Lara can also be referred to as La, Lary or Larita.

The name Lara in other languages

This name is not different in other languages, only Larissa derives from it , to which we have already referred, which is used in France, Italy and England, although the name Lara is also pronounced the same in these countries.

Personality of the name Lara

As the meaning of their name expresses, women called Lara like to protect their family and especially their partner, which is why they are characterized by being jealous and sometimes a little misunderstood in love. In addition, they like to feel valued and loved by those around them, they are very familiar, cheerful and sociable. On the other hand, they are people with a great imagination and capable of dealing fearlessly in any situation, making them a determined, independent and enterprising person.

Lara is a fun, feminine and elegant woman with a touch of mystery that always attracts others. She is very easy to study and learn, she is hardworking and likes that her work is always recognized. Due to her restless attitude, Lara is always looking to introduce small changes in her life that will lead her to reach new goals and always keep her motivated.

Celebrities with the name Lara

  • Lara Dibildos Espinosa : Spanish actress and television presenter.
  • Lara Álvarez González : Spanish journalist and television presenter. She appears in the image.
  • Lara Siscar Peiró : Spanish television presenter.
  • Lara Martorell : TV series actress.
  • Lara Stone : Dutch model.
  • Lara Spencer : American journalist.

Day of the Saint of Lara

Lara’s saint is celebrated on March 26 .

Numerology of the name Laura

According to numerology, Lara’s number is 5 . This number symbolizes freedom, feeling free to experiment and learn, a very typical characteristic of Lara’s restless attitude.

Popularity of the first name Laura

The name Lara is ranked in the 862 position of the most popular names, which is why it is considered a very common name, especially in Spain . Worldwide, according to figures, it is estimated that there are at least 644,900 people in the world who have received this name, which represents 0.009% of the population.

According to the National Institute of Spain, there are 23,950 women named Ian. Their average age is 17.7 years. In order of popularity, the name Ian is most common in the following provinces:

  • Pondrevedra
  • a coruna
  • Lugo
  • Asturias
  • Burgos
  • Cantabria

Breaking it down further, specifically in France , being one of the countries where the name Lara is most common, more than 9,400 births with the name Lara have been registered since 1967, from which it follows that there have been about 189 people with this name per year. Closer to the current date, 328 people named Lara who were born in 2017 have been registered, but 1998 was the year that registered the most babies with this name.

For its part, in the United States , another of the countries that, aside from Spain, also favors this name a lot, there have been more than 27,000 Lara births to date since 1887, assuming an average of 210 people per year that have received this name. Also approaching more current years, only 2018 registered 358 people named Lara, although 1969 was the year in which more babies were born with this name.

The name of Lara is gaining more and more popularity and not only in the Spanish population. And it is that the combination of its historical origins with some more current aspects, make this name today one of the most classic but without having gone out of style.