Meaning of name Louis | Origin of Names, Country etc

If you are looking for a name for your future baby, it is likely that Luis comes to mind. This is a name widely used since ancient times, and even many kings and illustrious characters in history have borne it. It has a Germanic origin and its meaning is associated with the “great warrior” or “the illustrious”.

Do you want to know his origin, when is his saint calendar and what is the personality of people called Luis? In this paraBebes article, we tell you what the meaning of the name Luis is . You will have all this information and much more, such as the current popularity of the name, some diminutives or variations, and how the name is in other languages. Luis is a boy’s name .

what does louis mean

The name Luis has a strong and stoic meaning, as it is identified with Germanic roots. Specifically, it comes from the primitive Frankish Hluot-wig , whose translation is ” illustrious or great warrior “.

Origin of the name Louis

Luis comes from the Germanic Hluot-wig or also Hlodowig, which literally means “illustrious in battle” or “great warrior”.

This was an extremely popular name in France at the end of the 17th century. So much so that 18 kings in that country have been called Luis. Currently, it is used both in the individual version, and in its different composed versions, such as José Luis. In both cases it inspires nobility and personal greatness.

In addition, it has spread so much that it has had several derivations in Latin terms, among which Ludwing and Luduvico stand out.

Diminutives and variations of the name Luis

Some of the diminutives and variations of Luis are:

  • Luisito
  • Site
  • Luichi
  • Lucy
  • Good
  • Luchini

The name Luis in other languages

Discover the different variations of the name Luis in different languages:

  • German : Louis. Alos, Ludwig
  • Asturian : Lluis
  • Catalan : Lluís
  • Czech : Ludvík
  • Inglés : Louis, Ludovic
  • Italian : Luigi
  • English : Lewis

Personality of the name Luis

Luis is a very careful person who likes to be recognized by others. He cares about cultivating his body and his mind, so he is fond of sports and reading. His creativity is very high , always managing to obtain good academic and professional achievements. He is usually honest and very humble , but he loves to receive praise for his achievement and goes to great lengths to do so.

On the level of friendship, Luis is sincere and takes great care of his friends. He doesn’t beat around the bush and says things straight. Of course, if he fully trusts someone, he will constantly watch over that person and give him special attention.

As for love, he can be somewhat jealous of his partner and is a romantic seducer . Her feelings are intense, therefore, he is a great protector of her soulmate and will accompany her in all her plans with true affection, filling her with details so that love grows and remains intact.

On the other hand, Luis is extremely familiar . He likes to spend as much time as possible with his family and is an excellent host. The professions that are identified with Luis are those related to sports or creativity, such as painter, writer, musician, athlete, etc.

He is also an extremely altruistic person who is motivated to achieve his goals. In addition, he has a great vocation for service, being very generous, sensitive and emotional . In addition, this dedication to various plans leads him to have a strong conviction to think of big projects without dwelling on the details.

Celebrities with the name Luis

These are the most popular celebrities with the first name Luis:

  • Luis I : he was King of Spain and was known as “the well-loved one”.
  • Luis de Góngora y Argote : well-known Spanish playwright of the Golden Age.
  • Luis Argones – Former soccer coach in the Spanish national team.
  • Luis Miguel : Mexican singer well known in Latin America.
  • Ludwig Van Beethoven (1770-1827) – German composer, conductor, and pianist. The name is in its German variant.
  • Louis Daniel Armstrong ( 1901–1971) – American jazz and trumpeter.
  • Luis Aragones (1938-): former coach of Real Madrid.
  • Luigi Pirandello (1867-1936): Italian novelist, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Louis Saint’s Day

Currently, Luis’s name day is June 21 , for the feast of San Luis Gonzaga.

Numerology of the name Luis

In numerology, the name Luis is represented by 7 . This number is a symbol of balance and constant reflection on life. It is also associated with wisdom. People related to 7 are distinguished from others because they always provide solutions to any conflict, due to their great cunning and creativity.

Popularity of the first name Luis

The name Luis is a classic widely used worldwide, both in Spain and in other countries in Europe and America. In Spain , 191,493 men bear this name, whose average age is 52 years. Which indicates that perhaps in recent decades it has lost some use.

The name of Luis is more common and popular in the following communities:

  • Lugo
  • Ourense
  • Badajoz
  • Jaén
  • Madrid
  • Segovia
  • Cuenca