Meaning of name Manuela | Origin of Names, Country etc

Are you looking for a meaningful name for your future baby? !! Congratulations!! Manuela is the feminine form of Manuel, which means “God with us.” This pretty name has a clearly religious meaning. The women named Manuela are hardworking, fighters and talented.

If you want to know the meaning of the name Manuela, its origins, personality and even the Saints , in this paraBebés article, you will find all the information you are looking for and you may end up identifying yourself with everything that this beautiful name entails.

What does Manuela mean?

The name Manuela is the feminine of Manuel, whose meaning is “The God who is with us”. Also, he is understood as the “God who dwells among us” and whose mention in the Bible is expressly referred to Jesus of Nazareth, calling him Emmanuel.

When making the transfer of its etymology to the feminine variant, it acquires the meaning of “God will be with her” or also “God will always accompany her” .

Origin of the name Manuela

Manuela comes from the Hebrew Imanu-El, which is reflected on countless occasions in different episodes of the Bible. This name was very popular among the Moors and Christians in ancient times, because they baptized their children with it (both in its male and female variant), as a sign of Christian conversion. Therefore, it is associated with a symbol of strength, courage and resistance.

Diminutives and variations of the name Manuela

The most used diminutives of Manuela are:

  • Emanuela
  • Emanuelle
  • Mela
  • in it
  • Manuelita
  • Manu

The name Manuela in other languages

In other languages, Manuala could be translated as:

  • Catalan: Manela
  • Italian: Emanuela
  • French: Emanuelle
  • Galician: Manoela
  • Romanian: Emanuela
  • English: Emmanuel

Personality of the name Manuela

Manuela is a person who stands out for having an innate talent for everything she does. She is a hard worker. One of her virtues is that she always carefully analyzes each of her steps. Also, she Manuela is risky. She always gives everything for everything and applies the necessary effort to achieve the goals set.

If we talk about his character, he is gentle, a lover of the traditions and conventional values ??of a society. That is to say, he leans towards responsibility, work and family love . Manuela also stands out for her energy. She is able to radiate a lot of positivity towards those around her and because of that she will have quite a few friends around her.

He is someone who likes to think carefully about what he will do, because he is not interested in wasting time. Manuela is highly positive and optimistic, willing to listen and encourage whoever is going through a difficult time.

In terms of work, she is dedicated and makes every effort to carry out her projects. Their work relationships are great. Above all, because she does not skimp on helping her teammates to improve as much as she does, since she wants the group to advance to success. However, she is not at all concerned with her luxuries, but rather with getting enough to lead a comfortable life.

In their love relationships, they are very faithful and attentive to their partner. In fact, they go out of their way for them and do anything to keep love in their lives.

On the other hand, Manuela has great capacity for expression . It is possible that she prefers careers that include letters and art. Also, she will be a great speaker. Her desire to grow does not stop and she is a lover of always finding some motivating element to inspire herself and others.

Celebrities with the name Manuela

Let’s see some famous people named Manuela:

  • María Manuela de Portugal (1527-1545): who was the first wife of King Philip II of Spain. She was known as the Brief Princess.
  • Manuela Malasaña (1791-1808): a great heroine of the Spanish War of Independence, repressed by the Napoleonic troops. She appears in the image.
  • Manuela Velasco (1975) – a famous Spanish actress and presenter.
  • Manuela Vellés (1975-): famous Spanish actress.
  • Emmanuelle Chriqui (1975-): Canadian actress who has appeared in countless American film and television shows.
  • Manuela Sáenz Aizpuru (1797-1856): a patriotic heroine from Quito and partner of Simón Bolívar.

Saint Manuela’s Day

The Saint of Manuela coincides with the celebration on January 1 of Saint Manuel, Jesus and his hypocoristics.

Numerology Of The Name Manuela

For numerology, Manuela’s name is linked to the number 5 . This is because she represents the energy and the need to be in constant movement and she will always feel within her the desire to move forward. For this reason, the Manuelas show a lot of charisma and dedication. Her temperament is balanced, she is a visionary and she will lead almost everything she is involved in.

Popularity of the first name Manuela

In Spain there are about 142,250 women who bear the name of Manuela, whose age is approximately 60 years old.

This is a difference of about 18 years, compared to the average age of the country, which is 42 years. For this reason, it can be said that Manuela is a classic name, but the predominance is among those born in the 60’s.

Statistically, one in 278 people bears this name and the main provinces in which there is a higher incidence are:

  • Sevilla
  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • A Coruna
  • Cádiz