Meaning of name Mar | Origin of Names, Country etc

Although the name Mar is not widely used in Spain, it is true that a few years ago we experienced the rise of this name of Italian origin, especially related to the name of María. There were many fathers and mothers who registered their daughters with the name of María del Mar. But, what is Mar’s personality? And the day of her saint’s day? If you want to know the meaning of the name Mar, what Mar’s personality is like, where it comes from or the popularity of this name , don’t miss all the information below in this paraBaby article. Sea is a girl’s name .

what does sea mean

Mar is a feminine name of Italian origin that means “the lady of the sea” . She is the patron saint of the sea and sailors in Italy, so it is highly revered and common in the country in the shape of a boot. It is true that in Spain there was a trend towards this Italian name a few years ago, although it is not very common today. There are not many girls who have Mar by name.

Origin of the name Sea

Mar comes from the Latin word “mare” (sea) . It is a name that has its origin in Italy and is in popular use. It is a very traditional girl’s name, especially in cities that are on the coast.

Diminutives and variations of the name Mar

The name Mar does not have any type of diminutive, but we can find some variations of names, both simple and compound:

  • Maria del Mar
  • Marimar
  • Marina

The name Sea in other languages

The name of Mar has no variation in other languages. The spelling is always the same.

  • German: Sea
  • English: Sea
  • Portuguese: Sea
  • Italian: Sea
  • French: Sea

Personality of the name Mar

Girls with the name of Mar usually have a very active and very independent personality . She is strong and determined, capable of facing any setback that arises in her life. She needs to have her own space to find harmony and peace. She is able to adapt to any type of moment and situation thanks to her strength and her versatility.

Mar is very responsible, orderly and methodical . Despite her ability to adapt, Mar needs to have an established routine so that everything flows and she can be happy in this way. It’s her best way of keeping everything under control. Of course, she sometimes acts impulsively and makes decisions very quickly that can have some negative consequences.

She is very positive and cheerful , something that usually spreads to everyone around her. Being so active you will always find her devising new plans or looking for new experiences. Mar she does not know how to be calm, which can cause some insomnia problems due to her hyperactivity.

In love, Mar enjoys relationships freely. Given her way of seeing life and her high level of activity, it will be difficult to find a person who always keeps up with her. However, the day she finds a person who really fulfills her, she will put all her energy into making the relationship work and being able to start a family .

At work, women with the name of Mar are usually great entrepreneurs and have great success thanks to their personality. Being active, organized and determined will help you achieve all your work and business goals. Of course, she prefers to have something stable to risk.

Celebrities with the name Mar

Some of the famous with this name are:

  • Mar Benegas: Spanish writer and poet. (She appears in the picture.)
  • Mar Flores: Spanish actress and model.
  • Mar Tarrés: Cordovan actress.
  • Mar Bordallo: Spanish actress.
  • Mar Contreras: actress of Mexican origin.
  • Mar Fernández: is an important Hispanic and Romance philologist of Spanish origin.
  • Mar Gómez: Spanish writer.

Day of the Saint of the Sea

The Santo de Mar is on the 15th of August .

Numerology of the name Mar

The active number that corresponds to the name of Sea is 5 . This explains, in part, the character and personality of Mar. An innate temperament that is given by numerology. Number 5 implies an adventurous, energetic, very curious, visionary and attractive personality.

The dominant planet is Mercury and it is related to the diamond, the most resistant precious stone that exists today. Hence the great strength of the women who bear the name Mar.

Popularity of the first name Mar

In Spain there are 15,274 women who have Mar in their name , with an average age of 14.1 years. This means that it is a name that became popular a few years ago, especially in the coastal areas along the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Girona
  • Barcelona
  • Tarragona
  • Castellón
  • Valencia
  • Balearic Islands

In central cities, such as Córdoba, Ávila or Ciudad Real, the name of Mar is almost non-existent.