Meaning of name Mark | Origin of Names, Country etc

If you are going to have a baby and you already know it will be a boy, surely you will be up to the top of preparations to await the arrival of the new member of the house. Among many other tasks, you will find yourself very busy day by day thinking of the ideal name for your little one, one of the biggest decisions of any future mother. As mothers, we like the best and the most perfect for our child. The same thing happens with names. Do you have a long list of favorite male names but don’t know which one to go for? Today we want to show you the most important and curious details of one of the most modern and popular names in Spain that you can choose for your baby.

In this ParaBebés article, we explain the meaning of the name Marc , its origin, diminutives and variations thereof, personality, numerology, saint, popularity and even which celebrities bear this name, among many other interesting facts . Without a doubt, Marc is a very nice name. So if you’re thinking of a modern name that doesn’t go out of style, when you get to know Marc’s main characteristics in depth, we’re sure you won’t hesitate to call your son by this name.

What does Mark mean?

Marc derives from the god of war Mars and therefore means ” consecrated to Mars “.

Origin of the name Mark

Marc is one of the trendiest masculine names today. Specifically, it is the Catalan form of Marcos and the Latin Marcus .

Any name used for the Marcus family of names, such as Mark, Marc, Marco, or Marcos, comes from one of the oldest and most classic names of antiquity . However, the name reached the height of its popularity in the 1990s.

Diminutives and variations of the name Marc

The most common diminutives of the name Marc are:

  • Marcos
  • Marco
  • Marcus
  • frames

The name Marc in other languages

  • Aleman: Markus
  • Italian: Marco
  • Breton: Markoko
  • Checo: Marek
  • Húngaro: Mark
  • Irish: Mairc, Marcas
  • Latvian: Marks
  • Lithuanian: Markas

Personality of the name Marc

Marc is a calm, peaceful and gentle person. In fact, this character often leads him to be introverted, only trusting himself. However, this does not mean that Marc shows disregard for others, because he is a man for whom friendship is sacred, he is gentlemanly and very respectful of women, with whom he also knows how to get the funniest and most playful side of he.

With his relatives he is very detailed , he always shows affection and attention and shows himself towards them with enthusiasm. On the other hand, although he is a hard-working man , he knows how to separate his private life from his professional life and his family is always his priority.

In love, Marc is always very independent and seeks freedom. He doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to find a partner with whom he can share his life, but he doesn’t hastily seek to tie himself to anyone. Living with happiness and love will be the path that leads you to reach the love of his life. On the other hand, Marc is a very organized person, he knows how to convince others with his ideas, he is an athlete and never gives up to get the results he wants.

Celebrities with the name Marc

  • Marc Márquez : Spanish motorcycle racer.
  • Marc Anthony: cantante.
  • Marc Gasol : Spanish basketball player.
  • Marc Piqué: brother of Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué.

Marc’s Saint’s Day

Marc’s saint’s day is April 25 , as is the name Marcos or Marco.

Numerology of the name Marc

According to numerology, 8 is Marc’s number. This explains his innate temperament and ambitious personality , he is successful, realistic, powerful, authoritative, courageous and a leader.

Popularity of the first name Mark

Since we entered the 21st century, the use of the name Marcos has been slowly declining and instead the number of people born with the name Marc has been progressively rising.

The name Marc is classified in the 150th position of the most given names. Therefore, it is a very common name . It is estimated that there are at least 3,573,500 people in the world who have received this name. Specifically in Spain, there are currently 70,098 men named Marc . According to the National Institute of Statistics, the average age of people with this name is 20 years old, so Marc is a very modern and youthful name, which can be perfect for your little one.

Due to its Catalan derivation, most of the Marc are found in Catalonia, followed by the Aragon area. However, in Madrid many men with this name are also registered. Most of the provinces where Marcs are scarce are those in the south, especially Andalusia and Extremadura.