Meaning of name Miria | Origin of Names, Country etc

If you already know that your future baby will be a girl, you may be torn between a long list of names that you would like to give your little girl. Choosing the name of your son or daughter is not easy at all and it is one of the most important preparations in the waiting period for the birth of the baby, since as an expectant mother you want your son or daughter to have the most beautiful name and Perfect that it exists.

Mireia is one of the most popular names in Spain. A classic at the same time modern that cannot go out of style. For this reason, in this paraBaby article, we want to talk to you about the meaning of the name Mireia . Discover its origin, variations and diminutives and other curious facts that after reading them we are sure will convince you so that your girl finally bears the name of Mireia.

What does Mira mean?

The name Mireia means ‘the one who is wonderful’ , ‘mirror’, or ‘wonder’.

Origin of the name Mira

The name Mireia comes from the Latin Mirèio, or Mirelha and, more specifically, from the Catalan . The popularity of Mireia is due to the name of the heroine who is the protagonist of the poem entitled “Mireio”, which was written in 1859 by Fréderic Mistral.

Diminutives and variations of the name Mireia

The diminutives of Mireia are Mire, Mireita and Mireieta . As variations, there are Mireya and Mirella. Also, Mireia is a variant of Maria and Miriam.

The name Mireia in other languages

Next, we will see the name of Mireia in other languages:

  • French: Mireielle
  • Romanian and Croatian : Mirela
  • Italian : Mirella
  • Classical Occitan : Mirèio

Personality of the name Mireia

Mireia is a very observant and hard-working woman . She loves to learn and she knows how to take advantage of all the situations that come her way. She always achieves all the goals that I set for myself, even if they are very difficult to achieve. On the other hand, Mireia stands out for being a woman who believes in paranormal things and situations and feels a connection to magic. Thus, she is a very spiritual person who feels the energies of the environment she surrounds herself with.

Mireia also stands out for being very communicative and seductive , she knows how to persuade and use her charm to get everything she wants. In addition, she is cheerful, a little nervous and capricious at times and with a great critical sense.

On the other hand, Mireia is very familiar and emotional . In love relationships, she is understanding with her partner and knows how to put herself in her place, as well as being very communicative with her and always transmitting how she feels about her or what she likes at all times. In less familiar or close environments, Mireia may feel more insecure and, therefore, show a more introverted character. However, Mireia also loves being admired and being the center of her attention.

In addition, Mireia has a lot of imagination and creativity , which is why she loves crafts and her professional vocation is usually found in crafts, writing, journalism, advertising or public relations. Finally, infidelities do not fit in Mireia, she does not support lies and demands sincerity and transparency just as she shows her loved ones.

Celebrities with the name Mireia

Among the famous Marina calls, the following stand out:

  • Mireia Belmonte García : professional Spanish swimmer, winner of Olympic championships.
  • Mireia Canaldas : Spanish actress, model and television presenter.
  • Mireia Lalaguna : the first Spaniard to be Miss World in 2015, and Miss Atlantic in 2014.

Saint Mireia’s Day

The Saint of Mireia is on August 15 or September 12 . In any of the festivities of the Virgin Mary, because the Catholic Church attributes the name of Mireia to a variant of Mary.

Numerology Of The Name Mireia

According to numerology, 6 is Mireia’s number, due to her calm and familiar character.

Popularity of the first name Miriam

Mireia is considered a youth name, especially very frequent in those born since the end of the 20th century, so that it is verified that Mireia is a classic name but at the same time very current that has not yet gone out of style.

According to the National Institute of Spain, there are 30,716 people named Mireia. Their average age is 26 years . That means more than 1,200 women for every 100,000 inhabitants. The figures have been rising progressively since 2011 and continue to do so today. In order of popularity, Mireia’s name is most common in the following provinces:

  • Barcelona
  • Girona
  • Lleida
  • Tarragona
  • Valencia

On the other hand, in Spain only 49 foreigners named Mireia are registered, which shows that it is a more commonly used Latin name in Spanish territory. Thus, worldwide, we can verify that most of the population with this name resides in Spain, specifically in Catalonia.

Thus, knowing the data that we have provided on this name and especially regarding its popularity, if you are thinking of calling your daughter Mireia, do not hesitate to do so!