Meaning of name Nerea | Origin of Names, Country etc

Do you want to know the meaning of Nerea? This beautiful and sweet name is of Greek origin. Its history is closely related to Greek mythology and the Nereids, although it is also known for being a popular name in Basque. People named Nerea are usually determined, observant and very brave.

Whether you are thinking of giving your daughter this name or if your name is Nerea and you want to know everything about this name, discover the meaning of the name Nerea in full in this article from paraBaby. In addition to its origin and saints, you will learn many more curiosities such as diminutives, personality, celebrities with this name, popularity in Spain and more. Nerea is a girl’s name .

What does Nera mean?

The name Nerea means ” the one who commands the sea ” or it can also mean “nymph”. She is attributed this meaning by the origin of her word: the Nereids.

Another meaning of Nerea can be “mine” in Basque, despite the fact that its main origin is Greek. This explains the popularity of Nerea in the Basque Country.

origin of the name Nera

The origin of the name Nerea comes from the Greek and derives from náo which means “to swim”. The Nereids were the daughters of the Greek sea god Nereus.

Saint Nereus was a Roman martyr of the 1st century. Nowadays, the use of the feminine form Nerea is more prolific, related to the famous Nereids, who were the nymphs of the inland seas.

Diminutives and variations of the name Nerea

Some diminutives of the name Nerea are:

  • Down
  • Nea
  • Born
  • In the
  • Neri

The name Nerea does not present variations, except for her name in the masculine version: Nereo.

The name Nerea in other languages

The name Nerea usually retains its form in most languages, although its pronunciation can vary.

These are some of the possible versions in other languages:

  • Griego : Nirea
  • English : Nose
  • Japanese : ???
  • Polish: Nereusz
  • Arabic : ????? (Niria)

Personality of the name Nerea

Women named Nerea are thoughtful and observant . They stand out for being responsible, analytical and intelligent people. This gives them many advantages in life: they are brave people and thanks to their courage they dare to pursue their dreams, as well as to help others improve their situations with their best advice.

In love, Nerea is a sensitive, faithful and honest person . She hates injustice so she will fight from kindness and will not forgive any mistake, she needs people who understand her and respect her as she is to share life. Sometimes they cannot hide, they can become too transparent and cause them some inconvenience.

Nerea usually has a strong and determined character . Being so observant and critical, she achieves everything she sets out to do, but behind all this there is a lot of effort, challenges overcome and a lot of willpower. It seems that Nerea has everything easy but no: her passion and her desire make her later talk about her achievements.

Celebrities with the name Nerea

Among the famous calls Nerea, the following stand out:

  • Nerea Camacho – Spanish actress known for her leading role in the movie Camino .
  • Nerea Rodríguez – Musical singer and actress who rose to fame in 2017 Operación Triunfo .
  • Nerea Garmendia : Spanish actress and television presenter, born in the Basque Country.
  • Nerea Barros : Spanish actress who won a Goya for Best New Actress for La Isla Mínima . (appears in the image)

Day of the Saint of Nerea

Nerea’s saint calendar is May 12 , for the celebration of San Nereo.

Numerology Of The Name Nerea

According to numerology, the number of the name Nerea is 7 , it symbolizes security and protection.

Popularity of the first name Nerea

Currently, 66,431 women are called Nerea in Spain according to the INE. Nerea’s average age is 19 years old . These data indicate that it is a young and popular name today.

Next, we will know the provinces where it is most popular on the following map:

  • Gipuzkoa
  • Bizkaia
  • Navarra
  • Álava
  • Lugo
  • Guadalajara