Meaning of name Nuria | Origin of Names, Country etc

Are you curious about the name Núria? Whether you are thinking of giving your daughter this name or if you call yourself that, in this article you will find everything about this beautiful name with personality. Núria means “place between hills” in honor of the Núria Valley , located in the Pyrenees. Women named Núria are optimistic, dedicated and charismatic.

Discover more about the meaning of the name Núria, its origin, personality and celebrities who have this name in paraBebés. You will love knowing the history behind this name, as well as how many women are called Núria in Spain today and where it is most popular. Núria is a girl’s name .

What does Núria mean?

The meaning of Núria is ” place between hills “, referring to the Pyrenean valley that gives it its name.

However, other sources might indicate that it means “light” or “illuminated”.

Origin of the name Núria

The origin of the name Núria is Catalan and comes from Basque . Núria is the name given to the valley of the Pyrenees located in Girona (Catalonia), known as the Núria valley. Basque toponyms abound in the Pyrenees, so the hypothesis comes from n-uri-a, which would give rise to its meaning “place between hills” in Basque etymology.

Núria is therefore a Catalan invocation of the Virgin . That is why it is such a popular name in Catalonia.

Another origin attributed to it is Arabic, which would give it the meaning of “light” or “illuminated”.

Diminutives and variations of the name Núria

Among the diminutives of Núria are:

  • Now
  • Nuri

There are no variations of the name Núria, but it is often related to Nora .

The name Núria in other languages

In most languages, Núria remains the same. You can vary the pronunciation and the presence of tilde.

Núria in her original Catalan name retains the tilde, but in Spanish it is optional.

Personality of the name Núria

People named Núria are characterized by being optimistic, cheerful and charismatic . Her great personality makes her have many friends and enjoy good company in her day to day life. They face life with a smile, they know how to keep their humor in difficult circumstances and they are quite resilient people when faced with problems.

In love, Núria is dedicated and affectionate . She pays great attention to detail and enjoys the simple moments in life. A good conversation is enough to feel heard and understood. She needs to feel confident. For her, her family and her friends are very important: she is a very sociable and attentive person.

At work, Núria stands out for being a creative person , with fresh ideas and a positive attitude. She is usually stubborn if she sets a goal and doesn’t stop until she achieves it but, on the other hand, she also has a hard time keeping track because she usually starts things that she doesn’t finish later. She must find her way and be true to herself. She does not support injustice, so her vocation may be linked to that need for change.

Celebrities with the name Núria

Among the famous with the name Núria, the following stand out:

  • Núria Roca : Spanish television presenter, writer and radio host. (appears in the image)
  • Núria Fergó : Spanish singer who rose to fame in the first edition of Operación Triunfo .
  • Núria Espert : Spanish film, television, opera and theater actress.
  • Núria Añó : writer and novelist in the Catalan language.
  • Núria Varela : Spanish writer expert in feminism and gender violence.

Saint Núria’s Day

The day of Santa Núria is celebrated on September 8 in honor of the Virgin of Núria.

Nuria name numerology

According to numerology, Núria’s number is 6 . This symbolizes justice.

Popularity of the first name Nuria

Núria is a very popular name in Spain. Currently, 120,746 women are called Núria and the average age is 38.7 years. It is a name that does not go out of style, which remains young and popular over the years.

According to the INE, these are the provinces where the name Núria is most popular:

  • Lleida
  • Girona
  • Barcelona
  • Tarragona
  • Castellón
  • Balearic islands
  • Guadalajara