Meaning of name Oscar | Origin of Names, Country etc

Choosing the name of your future baby is a very important act because it will mark his personality forever. If you are waiting for a boy, you may be interested in Óscar, a name of Germanic origin that has been very popular in Spain, especially in recent decades.

Its meaning is related to “the spear of God”. If you want your little one to have a very strong name, in this paraBaby article, we tell you the meaning of the name Óscar , his personality, celebrities who bear this name and even the Saints. Perhaps, when you finish knowing all the details about this name, you will opt for it for your future child. Oscar is a boy’s name . Oscar is a boy’s name.

What does Oscar mean?

The name Oscar means ” the spear of God “. This name is also related to the name given to the great apostles in the Scandinavian countries. The name of Óscar has been widely used, especially in the medieval age, due to the strength it conveyed.

Origin of the name Oscar

Etymologically, two origins are attributed to the name Oscar. The one that gains the greatest strength is the Germanic , in which case it derives from the word Ansgar or Osgar, and then there is the Old Norse name Asgeirr which translates as “spear of God”.

There are also Irish legends in which Oscar appears as the son of Ossian, a Gaelic hero. It is believed that both cases merged throughout history until this name spread throughout Europe.

Diminutives and variations of the name Oscar

Being a widely used name, it has many variations, although with only one diminutive: Oscarcito. Regarding the variations, some of them are:

  • Oskar
  • Anscanio
  • Wishes
  • Ockap
  • Oscar
  • Oscar

The name Oscar in other languages

There are different variations of the name Oscar in different languages:

  • Asturian: Oscar
  • German : Oscar
  • Catalan : Oscar
  • Czech: Oscar
  • Húngaro : Oscar
  • English: Oscar
  • Swedish: Oska
  • Russian: Oscar

Personality of the name Oscar

Óscar is a brave, respectful and strong man . He is characterized because he strives and works very hard to achieve what he wants, since he likes to live very well and comfortably. In fact, he is a smart boy and fights to take care of his prosperity.

As for his character, he is someone who is cheerful, expressive, independent and very self-confident. He may have many friends, but when he needs to reflect he will isolate himself as long as necessary. His creativity is very high, especially to undertake projects that aspire to great economic gains.

For Óscar the family is very important . He won’t mind being a good provider at all, as he is kind enough to give hand over fist. As a father he is very dedicated to the education of his children and he is usually there for them when they need him.

In love, Óscar is very dedicated and does not like to be alone. He is always on the lookout for her soulmate and once he finds her, he will be a wonderful partner. However, as he is a faithful follower of economic and professional success, many times he will not pay the attention he deserves to his partner. On the other hand, he is also usually a bit possessive .

In the workplace, Óscar always has high aspirations . It is common to see him preparing to get higher positions in his work. He always has new ideas in his head that are usually accompanied by big projects. He is a perfectionist and with a lot of energy to achieve what he sets out to do.

Celebrities named Oscar

These are the most popular celebrities with the name Oscar:

  • Oscar Wilde : Irish poet, writer and playwright.
  • Óscar de la Renta : world-renowned designer.
  • Oscar of Sweden : Son of Princess Victoria of Sweden.
  • Óscar de León : Venezuelan musician and singer.
  • Óscar Ladoire : Spanish actor and screenwriter.
  • Óscar Jaenada : renowned Spanish actor who has participated in TV series and movies.

Oscar’s Saint’s Day

For the onomastic calendar, February 3 is the Santoral in homage to San Óscar.

Numerology of the name Oscar

Numerology is a way to learn more about each person’s personality. In the case of the name Oscar, it is represented by 4 . It is good to know that people associated with 4 are expressive, emotional and innately talented. They tend to be insistent and are not afraid of hard work, which is why they almost always achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Popularity of the first name Oscar

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in Spain there are 123,004 men named Óscar whose average age is 35 years. This is an indication that this name has gained currency in the last three decades.

The name Oscar is more common and popular in the following communities:

  • Lugo
  • Pontevedra
  • Lion
  • Valladolid
  • Palencia
  • Burgos
  • Cantabria

In addition, it is widely used, not only in Spain, but in many countries in America, both Spanish and English speaking.