Meaning of name Rachel | Origin of Names, Country etc

Are you curious about the name Raquel? Whether this is your name or if you want to call your daughter that, in this article we will tell you everything about this popular name. Raquel means “the sheep of God” and is a name full of personality. Girls with this name are usually independent, determined and sociable . There are currently 148,025 women named Raquel, making it a very common name in Spain.

Find out much more information about Raquel in this paraBaby article that we have prepared for you: discover the meaning of the name Raquel , its origin and saints, in addition to learning curiosities such as diminutives, personality, celebrities with this name, popularity and much more. Rachel is a girl’s name .

What does Rachel mean?

The meaning of Raquel is ” the sheep of God ” and refers to its biblical origin.

Origin of the name Rachel

Rachel is one of the most widespread Hebrew names . In the Bible, Rachel was the wife of Jacob and mother of Saint Joseph. Raquel is also a symbol of the contemplative life, of the creative and artistic life.

Diminutives and variations of the name Raquel

Raquel’s diminutives are:

  • Out
  • Raquelita
  • Raquelina

Among the variations of the name Raquel, the following stand out:

  • Rachel

The name Rachel in other languages

This is Raquel’s name in other languages:

  • English, German, Slovak : Rachel
  • Catalan : Rachel
  • Inglés : Rachel, Rachelle
  • Hebrew : Rachel, Raheliat
  • Italian : Raquel, Rachele

Depending on the language, the pronunciation of Raquel can vary.

Personality of the name Rachel

People named Raquel are independent, determined and brave . Raquel lives life with a lot of energy and self-confidence to achieve all her purposes: she has many goals and is determined, she knows how to achieve it. Although she is usually an independent person, she is also very sociable: this makes her always the center of everyone’s attention and become the leader of any group because of her personality.

In love, Raquel is devoted and passionate . She is looking for a partner who gives himself to the maximum and also dares to go through bad times. With Raquel, everything will always be laughter and good conversations, which is why people want to be her friend. She is very affectionate and human, she will always tell the truth and will help you in everything.

Being so determined, she is not resistant to any situation and at work she will achieve everything she sets out to do. Her vocation is usually related to social spheres, where her communication skills and contacts stand out.

Celebrities with the name Rachel

Among the famous with the name Raquel, the following stand out:

  • Raquel Murillo: fictional character from the series La casa de Papel .
  • Raquel Welch – Golden Globe-winning American actress.
  • Raquel Meroño : Spanish actress and television presenter.
  • Raquel Yáñez : better known as Raquel Reitx, she is a Spanish youtuber and influencer.
  • Raquel Sánchez-Silva : Spanish TV show host. (appears in the image)
  • Raquel Brune : young writer of fantasy novels and literary guru on Youtube.

Saint Rachel’s Day

The day of Santa Raquel is celebrated on January 15 , although other dates also indicate September 2.

Numerology of the name Rachel

According to numerology, Rachel’s number is 11 , one of the master numbers. She symbolizes energy, strength and determination.

Popularity of the first name Rachel

According to the National Institute of Spain, there are 148,025 women named Raquel in Spain. Their average age is 36.9 years. In order of popularity, Raquel’s name is most common in the following provinces:

  • Palencia
  • Burgos
  • Valladolid
  • Guadalajara
  • The Rioja
  • Ávila
  • Lion