Meaning of name Serafina | Origin of Names, Country etc

Do you want to know the meaning of the name Serafina? Serafina is a beautiful traditional and elegant girl’s name. Did you know that it has a Hebrew origin? The name appears in the bible and has a very special meaning.

If you are thinking of giving your daughter this name or your name is Serafina and you want to know everything about this name, keep reading this article from paraBabys. We explain the meaning of the name Serafina , as well as its origin, personality, saints, translations into other languages, popularity and much more! Serafina is a girl’s name .

What does Serafina mean?

This beautiful girl’s name comes from the term “saraf”, whose meaning is snake . But not just any snake, but a snake whose mission was to protect others. In the bible, the bronze serpent created by Moses in the desert was called saraf to protect the chosen people.

There is another possible interpretation that also relates it to the Hebrew saraf, “burn, burn”. Also Serafim, or saraf, was the name of the incense burners in the temple. Symbolically , the seraphim are the celestial spirits that surround God and are represented in the form of lightning.

Origin of the name Serafina

Serafina has a Hebrew origin . The beautiful name Serafina comes from the bronze snake that Moses made to protect the people from him, as the Bible explains. Therefore, Serafina is a biblical girl’s name.

Diminutives and variations of the name Serafina

Serafina has a very common diminutive that is Fina , although this can also derive from other names, such as Josefina. Other variations such as Serafine and Serafa .

The name Serafina in other languages

  • Serafina in Arabic: ????????
  • Serafina en inglés: Séraphine
  • Serafina en griego: ????????
  • Serafina in English: Seraphine
  • Serafina en japonés: Serafina

Personality of the name Serafina

Serafina is a fun and loving girl. Serafina’s personality is outgoing, cheerful and sociable . Serafina is feisty and persistent.

At work, Serafina brings joy, fun and good humor. Her friendliness makes it very easy to work alongside her. Talkative and smiling, she creates a good atmosphere in the workplace. Her perseverance and her tireless desire to fight for what she thinks and feels stand out.

On a family level, Serafina is a caring and nice woman who loves and cares for her family with joy. Due to the way she is, Serafina has very good friends and friends.

Celebrities named Serafina

  • Serafina Dávalos Alfonso (1877-1957), a woman who made history. Feminist and activist, Serafina Dávalos was Paraguay’s first female lawyer. She graduated from the Faculty of Law of the National University of Asunción in 1907.
  • Séraphine Louis (1864–1942), French painter in the naive style. Because of your innate talent, she considers herself a prodigy. She mostly painted plants and flowers.

Saint Serafina’s Day

The day of the Saint of Serafina is March 12 , since it is the day that the Catholic Church celebrates the festivity of Serafina de San Germiniano.

Numerology Of The Name Serafina

According to numerology, the number associated with Serafina’s name is 1.

Popularity of the first name Serafina

According to the National Institute of Spain, there are 3,574 women named Serafina . Their average age is 69.8 years. In order of popularity, the name Serafina is most common in the following provinces:

  1. Salamanca
  2. Zamora
  3. Lion
  4. Jaén
  5. Cantabria