Meaning of name Sonya | Origin of Names, Country etc

If you are looking for a name for a girl and Sonia is one of your options, here you will find all the information about this very special, beautiful and feminine name. This name is the Russian version of Sofia and all women with this name are characterized as wise, intelligent and bold. Currently in Spain there are 98,012 girls named Sonia. The most common diminutive of her is Nia.

Get to know in paraBebés everything about the meaning of the name Sonia , its origin, personality and celebrities who have this name. You will love knowing the history behind this name, as well as the places where Sonia is currently most popular and more curiosities. Sonia is a girl’s name .

What does Sonia mean?

Sonia means ” wisdom “, just like the name Sofia, as it is her Russian hypocortistic. Women named Sonia are interpreted to be wise, bold, and intelligent.

It can have another meaning if it derives from the Hindi Sona, which would mean ” gold “.

Origin of the name Sonya

The origin of the name Sonia is Russian, specifically, it is the Russian hypocoristic of the name Sofia , very widespread in Europe due to its Greek origin.

Diminutives and variations of the name Sonia

Among the diminutives of Sonia are:

  • Nia, the most common
  • Soni
  • Sony

The variations of the name Sonia are:

  • Sonya
  • Sonnie
  • Sunshine
  • Sonia
  • Sonja

Sometimes Sonya is also found as a surname in some countries like England.

The name Sonia in other languages

The name Sonia has different versions depending on the language:

  • Catalan : Sònia
  • Basque : Xonia
  • Russian : Sonja, Sofja
  • Italian : Sonja

Personality of the name Sonia

Women named Sonia are smart and wise. They stand out for being intuitive, responsible and mental people . They stand out for having an entrepreneurial spirit and initiative, which is why they are always doing new things and learning from all situations with their best attitude and predisposition to improve.

Regarding relationships, Sonia is affectionate and sweet . She is a woman who usually gives priority to her loved ones, especially her family and her partner, showing that they are the most important thing for her. She is very peaceful and attentive to the people she loves, so she will avoid conflict situations and always provide solutions.

Sonia is usually a bit shy at first, but once she gains confidence and realizes that she is in a safe environment, she will give her best, including her sense of humor. They are usually people with a lot of originality, from whom they learn a lot. For this reason, everyone wants to have them close and their field is usually teaching .

Celebrities with the name Sonia

Among the famous calls Sonia, stand out:

  • Sonia Ferrer : Spanish actress and television presenter. (appears in the image)
  • Sonia Isaza : Colombian model.
  • Sonia Bermúdez – Spanish former professional soccer player.
  • Sonia Ben Ammar : young French model and actress.

Saint Sonia’s Day

The people called Sonia celebrate their saint on September 30th .

Sonia Name Numerology

Sonia’s number is 22 , one of the master numbers in numerology. This symbolizes intuition.

Popularity of the first name Sonya

According to the National Institute of Spain, currently 98,012 women are called Sonia in Spain. The average age of the name is 38.1 years , so it is a young name but not so popular today.

In order of popularity, the name Sonia is most common in the following provinces:

  • Burgos
  • Palencia
  • Barcelona
  • Guadalajara
  • Lugo
  • Ávila