Meaning of name Stella | Origin of Names, Country etc

Estela is a very striking name that has its origin in Latin. Specifically it comes from the Italian Stella, which literally translates to “morning star”. Its meaning is linked to religion, specifically, to the devotion to the Virgin Mary Santissima della Stella. Therefore, it is widely used mostly among the Catholic community.

If you are looking for a good name for your baby, in this paraBaby article, you will find the meaning of the name Estela , its saints, some diminutives and variations, the personality that defines it and its popularity. Maybe you find it interesting and you end up choosing it. Estela is a girl’s name .

What does Stella mean?

The name Estela is a variant of star and means ” morning star “. It is an allusion to the polar star that guides lost sailors. In addition, it is an epithet for the Virgin Mary, who is the guide of Christians. Also, it is associated with “the light of the star” or simply the one that shines like a star.

Origin of the name Stella

Estela has a medieval origin and comes from the Latin Stella, whose translation is Star. Although it is also associated with María Santissima della Stella, as an invocation to the Virgin Mary, the guide of the Catholic Church.

Diminutives and variations of the name Estela

These are some of the most used diminutives of the name Estela:

  • It is
  • Estely
  • Esty
  • Esla

The name Estela in other languages

Here we show the different variations that the name Estela presents in different languages:

  • Inglés : Estelle
  • Catalan : Estel la
  • German : Stella
  • Húngaro : Stella
  • Slovenia : Zvezda
  • English : Estella, Stela, Stele
  • Portuguese : Estela
  • Romanian : Steluta
  • Irish : Star

Personality of the name Estela

Estela is an intelligent woman , with very noble feelings , but at the same time somewhat shy. She tends to be very focused on her studies and, in general, on everything she comes up with. She always looks forward, never slackening in her efforts to achieve her goals.

He is a very grateful person . She always shows his support for the people in his inner circle. Of course, those that she considers fully honest. As for her temperament, she can sometimes be a bit harsh. However, she knows how to recognize when she has overstepped or made a mistake.

If we talk about her qualities at work, she is characterized by being organized and leaning towards professions related to letters or literature. In fact, she is passionate about constantly updating her knowledge. For her, staying in school will be essential.

In relation to friendships, she is very reserved and selects her friends very well , but once she trusts them, she will love them deeply. So is her life in love. She takes her time to evaluate very well the personality of her future partner and, in general, she prefers those who are intelligent and who make her enjoy good times.

If there is something that characterizes Estela, it is that her family is her priority . She will always be grateful for the affections she receives from them and she will try to repay them throughout her life.

Celebrities named Stella

These are the most popular celebrities with the first name Stella:

  • Blanca Estela Pavón : Mexican singer and actress.
  • María Estela Martínez : She was the wife of Argentine President Juan Domingo Perón.
  • Estela Canto : Argentine journalist and translator.
  • Estela Giménez : Spanish rhythmic gymnast, who was a two-time world champion in that discipline.
  • Stella McCartney – British fashion designer, daughter of Paul McCartney. She is named after her with the English variant.
  • Princess Estela of Sweden : She is the eldest daughter of Princess Victoria and the second heiress to the throne of that country.
  • Estela Grande : Spanish model.

Day of the Saint of Estela

According to Catholic saints, the Saint Day of Estela is May 11 . Santa Estela, a French martyr of the first century of our era, is remembered.

Numerology of the name Stella

For numerology, the number associated with Estela is 8 , which is related to success, perseverance and control. 8 is a number linked to order and discipline. The people associated with him tend to be meticulous and very strict in each project they undertake, be it study, personal, work or love. Therefore, it can be said that the Stelae will be very balanced and focused people.

Popularity of the first name Stella

Estela is really a rare name in Spain. In fact, it ranks 419th out of a total of 49,936 names, so its percentage is just 0.03046% in the entire country. Only about 14,533 women bear the name of Estela in Spanish territory and their average age is approximately 27 years.

Estela’s name is more common and popular in the following communities:

  • Cantabria
  • Soria
  • The Rioja
  • Pontevedra
  • Salamanca
  • Teruel
  • Castellón

The highest percentage of women who have it are mothers with small children and many students. So it can be concluded that it is a young name on average, compared to the predominant age of the population.

In Belgium and France, there is also a similar percentage of women named Estela.