Are you expecting a boy? !! Congratulations!! If you intend to put axel as a name, you should first know some features on this name. Axel is a nice and short name for men that has two opposite meanings. Do you want to meet them? In this article you will find the meaning of the name Axel , its origin, personality, Santoral and Popularity. Axel is a child’s name .

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What Axel means

The name Axel means Father of Peace , Meaning of Absalom, name of which derives Axel.

Origin of the name Axel

Axel is a Scandinavian name that comes from the name Hebrew abashus . Abllason was the son of King David and means Father of Peace. However, it should be noted that the literal translation of him is a ax of war. A curious fact, because both meanings seem contradictory. On the other hand, other sources advocate Danish or German origin for the name Axel.

Diminutives and variations of the name Axel

Axel is the diminutive of Absalom. The name Axel does not have diminutives or variations. It is considered that it does not need diminutives for being a monosyllabic name.

The name Axel in other languages

The name Axel is maintained in the same way in German, French and Swedish. While in Russian , the name Axel is Akseli (??????).

Personality of the name Axel

The name Axel corresponds with a particular personality traits: Axel is strong and rigid , enthusiastic, fun, positive, kind and friendly. He likes to enjoy a good company and also please others. He usually has many friendships.

Axel is also a curious person, who likes to experience and innovate . For this reason, at the workplace, Axel usually exercises creative and research professions.

As for love relationships, Axel is very attractive. He stands out for being seductive, gentlemanship , subtle and attentive. In addition, he considers that the couple is an essential part of life, so he opts for stability.

For Axel the family is the most important thing, it is its fundamental pillar. His concern about him is the well-being of his own, whom he protects above all. Axel is a family and homely man , he likes family meetings.

Famous with the name Axel

  • Axl Rose. Born in 1962. AXL Rose is the artistic name of William Bruce Rose Jr., a musician, singer-songwriter and composer and pianist originally from the United States. He is known to be the famous singer Grung Guns n ‘Roses . He appears in the following image.
  • Axel Witsel. Born in 1989. Axel Laurent Angel Lambert Witsel is a Belgian footballer.
  • Axel Kicillof. He was born in 1971 in Argentina. He is an economist, political, professor and researcher. He has exercised positions as Secretary of Economic Policy and Development Planning of the Ministry of Economy and Public Finance, Minister of Economy of the Nation and Deputy National.
  • Axel Werner.

Axel Saint Day

Axel’s Day of Axel is on August 21 , when San Axel is ferred. Although it can also be celebrated on March 2, by San Absalón.

Numerology of the name Axel

According to numerology, to the name Axel corresponds to the number 6 .

Popularity of the name Axel

The name Axel is usual in Denmark and Sweden since the eleventh century. In Spain, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), there are 4,212 men called Axel. The average age of the name Axel is 13.2 years. The provinces in which Axel is more common are:

  • Barcelona
  • Lleida
  • Tarragona
  • Girona
  • Gipuzkoa