Meaning of The Name Blanca | Know The Names Means and Origin

Blanca is a name that never goes out of style. It represents purity and its meaning is “white, pure and bright”. This feminine name of Germanic origin is an ideal option for your daughter, since it is easy to pronounce and remember, in addition to the beauty and personality of her that she represents. Women called Blanca are honest, open and responsible.

If you want to know everything about the meaning of the name Blanca , as well as its origin, personality, saints, numerology and celebrities with this name, keep reading this article that we have prepared in paraBaby. Blanca is a girl’s name .

what does white mean

The meaning of the name Blanca is, as its name indicates, ” white, pure and bright “. This is because the color white is associated with purity. Another meaning associated with it is “a woman who shines with her own light”.

Origin of the name Blanca

The name Blanca is of Germanic origin , since it comes from the word blank . This name became popular in the Middle Ages and has remained a common fine and elegant female name ever since.

Diminutives and variations of the name Blanca

Being a short name, Blanca only has the diminutive Blanquita.

Among the variations of the name Blanca, the following stand out:

  • Bianca
  • Bianca

The name Blanca in other languages

Some of the variations of the name Blanca in other languages ??are:

  • Italian : Bianca
  • French : Blanche
  • Polish : Bianka
  • Czech : Blanka

Personality of the name Blanca

Women named Blanca are honest and open . They present themselves to others as friendly, fun people who want to make friends. For her, real friendships and conversations are very important. In addition to being a sociable person, she has patience, which makes her adapt to all kinds of contexts.

Blanca is also a prudent person who follows her intuition , especially when it comes to knowing the intentions of others. She has a great ability to detect unfair attitudes and will not be silent when it comes to defending them. In love, Blanca is a demanding person who needs complete trust to ensure that she gives herself completely.

People with the name Blanca are responsible and organized when it comes to work, very faithful to the agenda and the planning of their hours to be productive and make sure that they also have time to rest. In her free time, she is a quiet person who enjoys calm and small things.

Celebrities with the name Blanca

Among the famous celebrities called Blanca, they stand out:

  • Blanca Romero : Spanish actress who starred in the series Bajo Suspecha .
  • Blanca Félix – Mexican soccer goalkeeper who participated in the Mexican National Team.
  • Blanca Soto : Mexican actress and model who has starred in telenovelas such as Eva Luna .
  • Blanca Padilla : Spanish model who has been the face of top fashion brands and magazines.
  • Blanca Suárez : Spanish actress recognized for her roles in series such as Las Chicas del Cable. 

Saint White’s Day

The Saint of Blanca’s day is celebrated on August 5 .

Numerology of the name Blanca

According to numerology, the number of the name Blanca is 6 .

Popularity of the first name Blanca

According to data provided by the National Institute of Statistics, in Spain there are a total of 40,265 women named Blanca with an average age of 28.4 years. We are facing a common and popular name, which remains young among the population.

As we can see on the map, most people with this name come from the following provinces:

  • Álava
  • Sevilla
  • Segovia
  • Soria
  • The Rioja
  • Madrid
  • Badajoz