Meaning of The Name Carmen | Know The Names Means and Origin

Without a doubt, Carmen is one of the most popular female names in Spain. In total, 391,563 women are currently called that in Spain alone. It is a classic and beautiful name, which has multiple meanings and variants.

Whether you want to discover more about the meaning of Carmen because you are thinking of giving your daughter this name or your name is Carmen and you want to know more about this name, keep reading this ParaBebés article. We tell you the origin, popularity, saints and even the numerology of the name. Carmen is a girl’s name .

What does Carmen mean?

Carmen’s name has several meanings, the best known being ” God’s garden “, which comes from Hebrew. However, other meanings arise from Latin such as “music”, “song” or “poem”, even “conjuration” and “spell”.

Origin of the name Carmen

The origin of the name Carmen is found in ancient Hebrew and Latin , hence its multiple meanings.

Its Hebrew origin comes from Mount Carmel, in the Holy Land, from there one of the invocations to the Virgin Mary is born. Therefore, her origin is also related to religion and that is why there is also the compound name María del Carmen.

Also, in ancient Rome the name of Carmen was used to refer to verses and songs, which would later be used in spells and spells.

Diminutives and variations of the name Carmen

  • Carmela
  • mom
  • Carmelita
  • carmenchu
  • Songs
  • Carmina
  • Carmelina
  • Melina
  • Maria del Carmen
  • Maricarmen

The name Carmen in other languages

  • Catalan : Carmen
  • Euskera : Karmen, Karmele
  • Galician : Carme, Carmiña
  • Italian : Carmela
  • Portuguese : Carmo

Personality of the name Carmen

Women named Carmen have a very strong personality. They are determined and full of vitality , which allows them to achieve anything they set out to do.

Carmen is usually a woman who always helps others and puts all her effort into making her environment good. She is a very familiar and close person, which can sometimes also make her dependent on her. Carmen will always give everything she has to her loved ones, unconditionally and dedicatedly.

They are also affable, pleasant and highly intelligent women. Her loyalty and her ability to help others is the highlight of people who have the name of Carmen.

Celebrities with the name Carmen

  • Carmen Sevilla : is a Spanish actress, singer and television presenter.
  • Carmen Alboch – Spanish writer, who was also a Socialist politician and senator. She was also Minister of Culture.
  • Carmen Calvo : is a constitutionalist jurist, currently Vice President of the Government of Spain.
  • Carmen Villalobos : She is a Colombian actress known for her role as Catalina in the telenovela Sin senos no hay paradise .

Day of the Saint of Carmen

The Saint of Carmen is July 16 .

Numerology of the name Carmen

According to numerology, the number of the name Carmen is 9 .

Popularity of the first name Carmen

There are 391,563 women in Spain named Carmen and the average age is 60.4 years . If we look at the map below, we can see that the provinces in which the name Carmen is most popular are:

  1. Córdoba
  2. Sevilla
  3. Granada
  4. Jaén
  5. Pontevedra
  6. Murcia
  7. Almeria