Meaning of The Name Catherine | Numerology, Popularity and Origin

The name Catalina is a very special and very sweet name, suitable for those families who want to give their baby a classic name. Since 1970, this name has been losing popularity, since women named Catalina currently have an average age of 60 years. If you want to know the name Catalina, in this article, you will find the meaning of the name Catalina , its origin, personality, saints and popularity. Catalina is a girl’s name .

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What does Catherine mean?

The name Catherine means ” pure “.

Origin of the name Catherine

The name Catalina has a Greek origin and comes from the word “katharos”.

Diminutives and variations of the name Catalina

  • how much
  • Lina

The name Catherine in other languages

  • German: Catherine
  • Catalan: Catherine
  • French: Catherine
  • Russian: Katya

Personality of the name Catalina

Women named Catalina have a very energetic, active and intense way of living . They are very optimistic and are always eager to make plans, travel and, above all, a lot of sports.

In relation to the workplace, Catalina sets great goals to achieve. She always goes beyond what she imagines and, most of the time, she achieves everything she sets out to do. She is an exceptional worker with a great facility for the commercial field and with a great capacity for active listening.

Catalina has a very wide group of friends, since she loves to be in contact with people, she needs to relate to other people and interact. Catarina’s friends adore her and she considers her a great person, as well as a great friend of hers.

Celebrities with the first name Catherine

  • Catalina Acosta: is a Colombian model and politician. She was Miss Colombia in 1999.
  • Catalina Aristizábal: She is a Colombian model, presenter, journalist and actress who appeared in the reality show “El Desafío”, among other films and programs.
  • Catherine de’ Medici: She was countess of Alvernia, queen consort of France and, later, regent of France.

Saint Catherine’s Day

According to the saints, the Saint of Catalina is the day:

  • November 25: Saint Catherine of Alexandria.
  • March 9: Saint Catherine of Bologna.
  • April 29: Saint Catherine of Siena.
  • March 24: Saint Catherine of Sweden.
  • November 28: Santa Catalina Labouré.

Numerology of the name Catherine

According to numerology, the number of the name Catalina is 7